iSmart Alarm Integration?

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I recently dove into the Home Automation and am very excited! the rest of my light switches will be here today and I can’t wait to get everything integrated. :slight_smile: My question is that I currently have an iSmart Alarm and have the sensors, motion detectors, and obviously the brain unit. Is there any way to integrate the system? It would be awesome to go down to one single app and have it auto set :slight_smile:

I tried to pair one of the motion sensors but was unsuccessful.

I control my ismartAlarm using simulated switches in ST that when toggled triggers an IFTTT recipe that toggles the ismart alarm.

In reverse, you can have an IFTTT recipe triggered by your iSmartAlarm that toggles your ST simulated switch.

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I am waiting for integration of ismartalarm with smartthings. is it possible?

SmartThings can do pretty much everything that iSmart Alarm can, except for live video streaming. But it also can do so much more.

Check out this:

I am waiting for integration of ismartalarm with smartthings. is it possible and do we know when it will be completed?


Who said it was started?

Does anyone know if you use Smartthings as your “Alarm Company” do you know of a company that you use to monitor the system? Due to if not you are left to monitor the house yourself, and in the event you are hurt or injured you might not be able to contact for help. So I apologize if this is off topic, but I thought maybe ismartalarm might offer this service once launched.

SmartThings has an official integration with scout alarm for a centralized monitoring service. They’ve also announced a future integration with ADT canopy, but no timeline for that one.

There are also many community members who have various kinds of integration with various centralized monitoring systems. IFTTT works pretty well if the company has a channel there. There are other options as well.

Check the quick browse lists in the community created wiki under “security” to see what other people have done. :sunglasses:

Hi David, I started looking at a good security system for my home, which let me to the iSmart system. Talk about opening pandora’s box, one thing led to another being the world of home automation. After discovering ifttt, smartthings, Amazon Echo, Google home, openhab, etc, etc.

Although ST can do alot that iSmart can, im still leaning towrd the iSmart for security as I like the option of a keypad with possable intergration with ST. just wondering what sort of delay you get between iSmart and ST using IFTTT

Im also looking at Google home for voice control, so between Google Home, ST and iSmart I should be able to having a solid security system with proximity control, voice control, multiple phone control, old school keypad control. Not to mention the home automation I’ll be able to do.
Pity iSmart are a bit slow on providing connectivity to the outside world, but perhaps there looking at the security inegrity?

any feedback, views much appreciated

I would recommend iSmart for an alarm system, its not without its occasional issues but is certainly more reliable than ST and has no monthly costs. I use both ST and iSmart for home security, between the two I have never been without an active security system (iSmart has had a record of it servers going offline during major holidays because most of its staff is ooo, ST seems to have more frequent issues on days ending in y).

I use two virtual buttons in ST to arm/disarm my iSmart alarm via IFTTT, it typically takes 2-3 seconds for this applet to fire (this process works even when my ST hub is offline because it is cloud to cloud communication). I haven’t used any of the other iSmart alarm triggers in IFTTT for several months, from my experience the delay for these triggers took up to 10min (it should say on the IFTTT service what the typically delay is, maybe its better now).

I would highly recommend using some type of cellular connection for your iSmart system and a battery backup PSU, personally I use a FreedomPop for my cell service and that gives me 1gb of data per month for free. A iSmart hub and one camera with typical usage I consume less than 100mb/month