SmartThings + Security System?


I was wondering if the SmartThings hub is able to connect to an EyezOn Evisalink 3 module that is hooked up to a Honeywell Vista 20P security system. I would like to be able to use the zones and events of my security system to be triggers in SmartThings, or maybe even be able to control the security system from SmartThings. The Vera is able to do this via one of their plug-ins. I was hoping to accomplish something similar. If there is another way of integrating my security system with SmartThings, I would also like to know. Also, if it is easier to integrate a DSC system, I guess I could switch my system out, but I would prefer to use the Honeywell. I have seen a few rather complicated solutions, such as this (AD2SmartThings) but I don’t feel like I would be able to do it. It seems like there are too many places for something to go wrong. The most I could accomplish with an Arduino is uploading a basic sketch, but I am good with a soldering iron. Thanks.

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Do a Search :mag: on “DSC” and you’ll find lots of discussions on Alarm System Integration.

Here’s one example (and I know that @ashutosh1982 has some specific success stories):


Thank you for your reply, but is there anything proven to work reliably with my current system? I would like to maintain functionality of my current system. Although @aushtosh1982 has his prototype module, I was wondering if there are any currently available methods of integrating the security system.

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Unfortunately nothing works 100% reliably with SmartThings at the moment, including much of the built-in functionality, let alone many complex integrations like any “Security System” stuff. You can count on to offer assistance with the items on this list, unless they are marked “SmartThings Labs”:

To find the best fit for your scenario, the first step really is to search the Forum’s extensively and get a feel for which is the closest match and who the key Community members are that can assist you from that point forward. These members may also offer fee-based custom integration development, installation and support service. I know @ashutosh1982 has expertise in this area and is working on expanding, so he might be a good lead … but you’ll find a few others with the search. Discourse search option is not bad.

Otherwise we end up with a lot of redundant threads for solutions that may have already been solved or stalled on a particular issue.

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It works well and it’s not tough to do. I did it with a Vista 20p.

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It can be done, but it takes some effort to set it up. I recently did the same thing with an Envisalink and AlarmServer, but for a DSC panel. I have AlarmServer running on a Raspberry Pi 2. Check the Honeywell code for AlarmServer here: