Instructions needed to change Google Integration

I get an email from ST that my Google home may no longer work after Sep 8th and that I need to upgrade. Google home as well keeps reminding me of this upcoming change as well but in both cases the instructions are vague. The St email describes what to do for Alexa but other than stating the upcoming change to Home, says nothing about what I need to do, if anything. Home is even more vague. It says I need to go to the Google Home app and upgrade. Where and how? I see nothing in the Home App nor in the ST Google Smartapp


Hey there!

@cdikland, I wanted to provide you with this troubleshooting article with the steps to Update/Re-connect your Google Integration.

You can locate the article here:

Additionally, here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Google Home App
  2. Touch the plus sign (+)
  3. Choose Set up device
  4. Select Have something already set up?
  5. Touch SmartThings in the linked section
  6. Depending on your mobile device:
  • Android users: Touch Reconnect account

  • iOS users: Touch check for New Devices

  1. Click Samsung Account from the pop-up and re-enter your Samsung email and password

I hope this message finds you well!