Insteon X10 device control


(Phil Shotton) #1

I’ve taken the good work of others who created the Insteon device type, and modified it to support X10 devices connected over insteon.

Currently I’ve implemented X10 switch and X10 Dimmer. See

Feel free to comment - this is my first ST device type code.

Known gotchas:

  1. Insteon requires (at least) two HTTP requests to control an X10 device, one to set the address and the other to send the command. However if these are less than about 1/2 second apart then the hub ignores them! I’m returning two HubAction objects from the command, and it seems that the delay that ST puts between them is just enough…

  2. Dimming is a bit of a mare. There are 22 levels in X10, and you change levels by repeatedly sending DIM or BRIGHT commands. So to go from level 0 to level 100 takes 23 HubAction (1 for the address and 22 bright). Switching on or off doesn’t change the brightness (which is nice) but if ST and the device get out of step, there’s no way to change the level.

  3. As X10 is one-way (mostly) there’s no way to check the current dim level, so if you change it outside of ST you’ll have trouble!

Still to do: Tidy up the UI, particularly for editing preferences. Try and improve reliability.

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Insteon X10 Control
(Matt) #2

I gotta ask. Do I need an insteon hub to control Insteon devices with this? Will it control the Insteon In fan controller?

(Phil Shotton) #3

Afraid so. The insteon device driver talks http protocol to an insteon hub, rather than talking to the device directly.
Note that I’ve referenced two device drivers, the Insteon (Local) control and the Insteon X10 (local). You’ll need the first, but I’ve no idea if it works with the fanlinc as I don’t have one to test.


Would this work with an Insteon PowerLinc Modem - 2413U with USB Interface?

(Phil Shotton) #5

I don’t think so. The smartlink is driven over a serial interface with a binary protocol, doesn’t understand http. Sorry



I bought an Insteon Hub and was able to get everything to work; was able to control all of my old x10/insteon devices via Smartthings. But then after a week, everything stopped working. I have reset both the Smartthings and Insteon Hubs numerous times, added back all of the devices, but have not been successful in getting it to work.

Can you think of a reason why this may have happened.

Thank you



I forget, do i need to install something else other than devices (insteonX10Switch.groovy & insteonX0Dimmer.groovy) to get this to work. I vaguely remember that I had installed somethings else, like another Device Handler or SmarApp???