INSTEON support - trying to start a central thread for request

Ok, I’m trying to start a central thread here to discuss the desire for INSTEON support with ST. I know it has been discussed across different threads before, but I want to try and centralize the discussion. So, here’s my two cents on it to start…

I know I have read some about quality issues here and there with INSTEON products. However, there are A BOATLOAD of different types of devices. Two things the I’m personally interested in - LED capable dimmers and mini-remotes.

The INSTEON dimmers are not expensive (comparatively speaking) and support LED lights which are becoming much more common with low cost entries like CREE in high-traffic stores like Home Depot.

As for remotes, I have not really found anything like the INSTEON mini remotes. Those devices can go a long way to a broader market penetration for smart homes. Not everyone wants to pull their phones out to control their house. People have kids that don’t have smart phones that want to control things. Outside of switches, remotes offer scene capabilities without having to pull out a phone, unlock it, launch an app, and then select the scene you want.

With the amount of protocol support already in the SmartThings Hub, INSTEON support would really make the Hub a jack of all trades. The mobile app is well thought out and really steps users through the process. All the pieces are in place for ST to really take off. Adding INSTEON would allow access to devices you just don’t see in the zigbee /zwave world. For example, the INSTEON fanlinc has no equivalent that I can find out there. Many of us have probably installed those little remote boxes in fans. Imagine having the ability for ST to control them as well.

So, that’s my initial sales pitch for seriously considering adding support (however it is added) for INSTEON. :slight_smile:

Does anyone else have ideas or thoughts they would like to contribute?


Agreed. They are the only ones with such a device.

I can say that there are no plans right now to build native Insteon support. What I can do is help find alternatives to devices missing in our ecosystem.

Well, I guess this thread could morph into finding compatible versions of INSTEON devices.

I’m currently interested in remotes. The INSTEON ones are not expensive, compact, look nice and not clunky like some of the zwave remotes I have found. I think they would have a high family approval factor and would be good for guests as well.

Of course, the FANLINC device goes without saying. I have three fans in bedrooms and each has a remote box like that, so swapping it out with the FANLINC would have been very easy.

Also, one more thing… I saw the Microsoft has partnered with INSTEON now. So, it might get a big push into the spotlight.

Looks like the closest I can find are the Aeon minimotes. link

The Aeon Panic Button and the Keyfob are also close to release. I believe there are some other companies to come out with some more button options in the next months.

For the fan, could you use the Leviton Fan Controller?

Traditional fans only have power and either pull chains or switches on the fans to control direction, speed and light. Modern fans have remotes and still only have wiring just for power. Remotes make most sense because who wants to get up to change the fan speed?

The leviton requires additional wiring which in most situations is prohibitive.

Agreed that Leviton is not necessarily an option. Every fan I have installed (our house, in-laws, friends…for some reason, a lot of fans in the last few years) has had a little remote box just like the FANLINC that is placed where it connects to the ceiling. In fact, at our house we just had electric run to the ceiling from the breaker box. We did not even put in outlets on the walls since all the fans had remotes.

I’ve only got Insteon lights but I created a device type that talks to my smartlinc and turns lights on and off or gets the status. Insteon is certainly able to be integrated via ip. Think if smart things extended it they could pick up even more existing devices.

@ethomasii Share please?

i will try to share tonight. i am on my ipad right now and just realized i had hardcoded my IP address in it… i have preferences for ip but didnt use it. i guess it “just works” so i forgot about it. i will tweak it tonight and can post it. it is simple and doesnt do much other than turn a light on and off.

awesome! thanks man!

Interested in seeing this. Not sure how you are addressing an INSTEON device via IP. If this is possible, it opens a door if there is a standard API for use over IP.

You must have an Insteon hub or smartlinc. Can’t directly address one. So it isn’t like Revolv which has a radio…

This gives you a quick primer…

This is SUPER exciting!!! I have a few insteon devices that are begging to be integrated :smile:

HI! I’m a beginner with this. I looked through the link you sent and it seems very straight forward. However I’m not cleat how involved it is for a beginner on the SmartThings side. I have hundreds of dollars worth of Insteon tech throughout my house and want to get SmartThings talking to it + make my future device additions wifi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, etc…

Could you or someone post a very simple app example (or how to add a device) to turn on a single light using their API rules?

EDIT: maybe also an example of how you get the device status? That seems to be a bit tricky due to delays, response lengths, etc.

if we can get this Insteon support to work nicely, I’ll forever stop thinking about Revolv (only reason it’s in my mind is because it has an Insteon radio in addition to the rest that ST has…even though zigbee isnt enabled yet)


Not to detract form Insteon FanLinc, but to clarify, Leviton has a Z-Wave fan motor and light dimmer also, it just real expensive, I think they run about $250, we sell the FanLinc for $79.99.

But that requires the wiring to a gang box on the wall, right? A lot of new houses don’t have that anymore since the majority of fans have remotes like the FANLINC box. :frowning:

Could we try stuffing these in the fan canopy:

The first for dimming the lights, and the second for the fan (but only one speed). I believe Fibaro has a “dimmer” that may handle a fan.

It seems like we are going to have to try building our own.