WebCore missing in SmartThings app

HI all, I’m new to the SmartThings universe and hope you can help out. I’m trying to add the WebCore to my SmartThing app but it does not show up as an option. I have attached a picture showing the options I have under ‘Add smartapp’

Thank you :wink:

did you follow the instructions for adding the 4 webcore smartapps in IDE?


No, I tried to follow lots of guides/advice found on google the last weeks but did not see that advice. My project is getting a Philips hue dimmer to work with my Sonos - sounded like a good project to start out with. I will google for the advice you gave and see what I can find. Thank you for the feedback (if you have a good place/link for me start - please let me know)

Cheers :blush:

the link i posted above has details for two methods of installing webcore through IDE… manual or using github.

you can also find many example pistons and a great forum for asking any questions about webcore…
from building pistons to installing it.

Thank you for the quick help - I’m off to a good start now. Will read those and try it out. I’ll post a message here once I have it working - could be great help for other newbies like me.