Install existing Samsung Tv device through SmartThings API

Hello all,
I want to add new existing Samsung Tv devices to my locations using the SmartThing API. I don’t find where to get the profileinfo and other information of existing devices so I can make the install device call.

you can’t. Have to add TVs via the new app. The new integation doesn’t use Groovy, so it only shows as a placeholder after setup.

So, I cant add any existing device through the API? I have this personal app from where I want to add and control my devices. I already can control, but I want to discover and add my devices

Can you link to which API docs you are referring to?

Of course. This is the API docs

What I want to do is from my persona mobile app add some Samsung devices I already have, without using the SmartThing app for Android. I want to discover the devices, add and run commands on them all from my custom mobile app