Insert Door Unlock Delay?


So just got a Smartthings hub V. 3. I have a basic setup right now:

  • hub v3
  • 3 locks
  • Ring Door Bell 2
  • GoLinear GD00Z-4

All is setup, working and reporting. Now I am trying to create an Automation. I have a detached garage:

  1. upon arrival or upon garage door opening (using built-in car button)
  • open garage
  • unlock Schlage Connect (in garage)
  • unlock Schlage Connect back door to home

Automation 2

  1. upon garage door closing (using wall button)
  • lock Schlage Connect garage door
  • lock Schlage Connect back door to home

The thing is, the home is about 30’ from the garage. So by the time I get to the back door it is already locked.

I see the New App, will allow for delays but it does not allow me to Unlock the doors - only lock. Smartthings Support says it is no full featured yet.

So using the Classic app, how can I in put a delay to lock the back door to the home?
upon garage door closing
lock garage door
after say 2 mins lock back door

You assistance is appreciated.

Hello All,

Just to let you know I figured this out. WebCoRe is amazingly powerful. For anyone new, I highly recommend you get this setup.