Lock door in 30 sec?

I have a Schlage lock and would like to program a simple use case: lock the door if it is unlocked for 30 seconds.

Don’t think it’s a difficult one, but I am not seeing the options. I am aware of the auto lock feature that comes with the lock, though would like flexibility in setting the delay time.

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This can be done in CoRE Piston.

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I might suggest something like this in CoRE. It makes sure the door is actually closed or it won’t lock and it cancels the locking if the door get reopened for some reason during the wait period. I have mine set to 3 minutes but just change that to 30s and your set.

I use rboys custom DTH and it has it in there works great.

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Thanks for the responses. Sounds like I have my weekend carved out to learn CoRE.

Will also look at rboys custom DTH.


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Does this require an additional open/close sensor to work?

The example I showed uses the a door contact sensor which is separate from the lock. The problem you can end up with is your door gets left open (my kids seem to find closing doors to be a complex task) and then your lock locks. Not particularly useful. :confused: To avoid that I set this up. You could certainly take out the extra sensor piece if you wish and simply lock after a given time frame.

Honestly, if that’s all you want I’d check your Schlage lock documentation. My kwikset lock has an option to autolock after 30s which is far more reliable that ST could ever be. The problem for me is that it was too short an interval and it would lock regardless of if the door was open it closed.

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Rboy handler will not lock it if left open. Or it it does lock it will unlock. I have it set to lock immediately after close. Works like a charm for about 6 months now.

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@joewom how does it know if the door is left open? You have a contact sensor correct? Assuming so you must be using a smartapp which would work as well. I think CoRE is equally as good and had lots of other potential as well but either way clearly works.

I have core just takes time to set up. Yes it uses a sensor. I have one one each d9or so didn’t matter to me.

Got it. That what is great about ST, lots of options! :slight_smile:

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