Inquiry about the procedure for testing Matter thread support devices using smart things


I want to join Matter Partner Early Access and link the Matter device we developed through SmartThings

Can you help me with the process and guide to sign up for Matter Partner Early Access?

I contacted the following email several times, but no reply.

Please Guide

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Maybe try


Hi, @Coway_Louis!

We checked with the team and the option to join isn’t available but we appreciate your interest in the program. Please, stay tuned to the Announcements section so you can get an email about the latest changes to the platform like new features, new Hub firmware releases, etc.

Hi @ [nayelyz]

Thank you reply

No way to join Matter Partner Early Access in the future?
Or does it provide opportunities for more companies to join in the future?

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Hi @Automated_House

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As nayelyz says below, you cannot participate in the Matter Partner Early Access further.
but Is it still possible to apply for Matter Partner Early Access at

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My reading, which is just based on my own guess, nothing official, is that they only chose a few specific partners for the early release program, and they were, not coincidentally, all companies who were also senior members of the Matter alliance. I don’t think it was open to most developers.

Everything they said mentioned “select companies“ and “strategic selections.“

As the anticipation and excitement grows for the Matter standard, we have accelerated our progress, today announcing a Partner Early Access Program with select strategic companies to test their first-ever Matter-compatible products.


Samsung has not yet announced a means for other companies in the home automation market to sign up to the program.

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That email is an alternative to communicating with our team (Developer Support). We use it especially when we need to exchange private information about development-related support cases.
Partnerships requests (not specifically for Matter Early Access) can be done on this page by clicking “become a partner” and filling up the form.
If the Partners’ team is interested in pursuing a partnership with you, they’ll contact you directly.

Unfortunately, there’s no information about this.