Input board or ideas

My current smart home project is primarily focused on security. I have my alarm (Vista 20P) finally working and now I am working on my facial recognition system… So I have a facial recognition camera and NVR and with relay outputs, I can see if a face is in the whitelist, trigger relay one and I am wondering if there is some sort or input board designed to work with smart things so when a face is authorized my nvr will close a relay and send 3, 5 or 12 volts on a specific input and allow me to trigger another relay (Relay 2)… This relay 2 when closed will supply power to an HID (Standard badge reader) card reader for 5 minutes allowing the familiar face to badge the door open. After 5 minutes I want relay 2 to open and disable the badge reader

I feel like this should be relatively simple and provide a fancy 2fa for a home.

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If you are looking to connect the output to Smartthings and it has no/nc contacts see the following link.

so I think I saw a couple devices in those but either of those are a workaround devices that don’t properly serve the exact purpose I need…I was thinking about this more and I feel pretty dumb… I am only currently using 3 of my hardwired zones on my alarm panel… im pretty certain I can just program the panel to no do anything when the other zones are triggered and right now I can already create smarthings automations with ease on alarm contacts, so I can just use the relay on my NVR and 100ohm resistor and probably and I can use a different output on the NVR to supply the power the card reader… however I am really shocked there isn’t a specific device that has X amount of contact inputs for smart things or something similar.

The Zooz zen16 has 3 input points and I believe the Zooz zen17 has 2 input points. Both are north American Z-Wave.

The zen16 inputs are for no/nc only. I believe the zen17 can be connected to low voltage inputs.


Also ZEN51 with one contact and one relay, plus auto off timer, in a tiny form factor. I’m not completely clear on OP’s requirements though. Also, what country?

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WOWWW that is the perfect device that has a crap load of potential, plus it is super cheep. Paul Thank you for this