Inovelli Switches deleted

Today I tried to use my Inovelli switches and it looks like all 4 of them have been deleted from Smartthings. These devices were all using Inovelli Edge drivers so im not sure why this happened. Anyone else see this issue?

I am continuing to struggle with Smartthings since the switch to Edge and have nothing but issues with status reporting, devices being deleted…

Hi @pmjoen , No issues on my end with these switches. I have 40 of them, and more are coming.

The devices being deleted is not dependent upon the driver. As far as I know, the only way to delete any device is via the mobile app or the advanced web app.

I had a Z-Wave switch get deleted last week. I was not running an exclusion and I did not delete it manually via any interface.

Bottomline, SmartThings just does stuff that no one can explain sometimes.


Yup, I think you summed it up correctly.

Perfect example is happening to me right now. I have a handful of routines that use my thermostats to interact with virtual switches, and they’ve been working perfect for a very long time - until this week.

Now, for some reason, I’m finding these routines are being disabled all by themselves. Neither the virtual switch has been removed from ST, nor has the thermostat, and nobody at home is going into ST and disabling these routines. Very frustrating, and don’t get me started on the mobile app deciding to rearrange my Rooms whenever it wants…

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Thanks for the detail, unfortunately I was one of the people that had all of their device with custom DTH during the conversion to Edge “accidentally” removed by Smartthings. I was calling out that these devices didn’t still use a DTH but was added with EDGE drivers.

My issue is that this platform was very stable until the recent migration causing me to loose complete faith in the company and platform. Now with the devices using QR Codes to add securely, it requires me to take the switch cover to re-add when this happens…