Inovelli Dimmer NZW31 and multiple off and on events when using physical switch

I have installed two Inovelli Dimmer’s NZW31 and installed their custom device handler as associated it. I started to write some automaton in webCoRE and was getting strange results when they executed. I looked at the SmartThings events for the devices and both were showing when using the physical switch for off or on multiple evens for that activity. For example I would see two on events in the log seperated by .09 seconds. The same for off usage of the switch.

In a hunch I switched the device handlers for the switches to “Generic Z-Wave Dimmer” and now when I physically use the switch I see the proper single event.

Any idea’s on how to fix the device handler, would there be any side effects while waiting for Inovelli to respond to this issue by continued use of the Generic device handler.


I don’t think you will have any issues. At worst, you would lose some of the attributes associated with this device. Many people use generic zwave devices. A generic zwave DTH is all I use for all of my window/door sensors.