"In a meeting - don't come in" notification light for office door

I like many of you transitioned to working from home last year due to covid and I’m still doing it (work says until October). I’m blessed to actually have a room I can dedicate to being my office at home and my biggest struggle was kids walking in on me wanting to talk/show me their latest awesome lego creation. I decided to buy some sort of notification light that I could automate with smartthings. I decided on using an inovelli addressable led strip since it had those fancy effects that I wanted (just for fun, a regular rgbw light strip would have worked just fine, lol).

I bought some 6.5 ft led channels and mounted them to my door frame and ran their 4ft extension cable under the carpet to the base of one side to start the led strip. However, I foolishly didn’t realize that the inovelli led strips are quite wide because of their connectors on the ends. I thought all was lost, but ultimately decided to just try trimming one of the connectors off (the actual circuitry part was no bigger than the led strip). End result - completely voided my inovelli warranty, but got it to work!

I then used ifttt to sync with my work calendar and flip a virtual switch whenever I’m in a meeting to “on” and then back to “off” when it ends. I then have some ST automations that turn the light red when in a meeting or blue when not. When I’m in a meeting, I also have a motion sensor in that hallway so that if someone approaches the door while red, it will pulse red to get their attention.

Note: buy a wide led channel if you’re going to do this, the standard 12mm was definitely too small for the inovelli strips.


The pulsing variation is clever, I’ve not seen that before. it might also be useful for people who are colorblind. :sunglasses:

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