Innr Gu10 compatability

Hi all,

Has anyone managed to get these bulbs to work with SmartThings? If so, looks like a really good cheap alternative to Hue’s.

Apparently they do work with the Hue hub and dimmer switch as they’re Zigbee

I have some but though the bulbs flash to indicate they’ve joined and connected to smartthings they did not create a thing in the system.
I’ll try again now with the latest hub updates to see if anything has changed.

The Zigbee standard allows for the use of many different profiles, and they cannot all talk to each other. So just being zigbee isn’t enough.

That said, the manufacturer says they will work with the hue bridge, so you ought to be able to use them from SmartThings that way. :sunglasses::bulb:

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Just tried it again and no change. The bulbs blink to indicate they’ve paired but I get no object or thing appear in smartthings.
According to innr support they’ve had people report that it is compatible with smartthings. However, I’m not convinced that they are not getting confused with people just using it via a Hue bridge. Tbh I’ve not been 100% happy with it on hue as they like the osram bulbs occasionally get stuck and are flagged as unreachable on Philips system.

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I got in touch with innr about these, and they said that they’re working on a device handler. Apparently the testers they used who stated it works with smartthings were using it through a hue hub, so basically they’re lying when they state their products can connect with a smartthings hub.

All that being said, there is another recent forum post on here of someone who’s managed to pair them, albeit intermittently

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Not sure how you can work on a device handler when it does not even appear as a thing. However, I’m hoping they can, as the most recent Hue bridge update has made the innr bulbs extremely unreliable.


I bought a Bulb RB 162 from Innr and it connect, but I can not control it. The Innr support also reply that it needed a handler.??

Interesting, could you provide the steps you took to get the RB 162 to appear? That’s exactly the one i have, and although it blinks to advise it’s connected to the hub (2 flashes when it turns on to confirm it’s in pair mode, then a 3rd flash a few seconds later to confirm it’s connected), my smartthings app just stays on “looking for your thing(s)”, even if i leave it for a couple of minutes.

Also Wayne, a new handler will allow the device to show as a thing as Smartthings identifies them based on existing handlers which contain the relevant zigbee in/out protocols that match the device

I find it very odd that the lights and behaviour shows it pairing with the hub but then it doesn’t even default to a “thing” when it doesn’t find the right handler. Something is not quite right.

I’m getting increasingly annoyed with my Innr GU10 bulbs as it goes. Last night I spent 10 minutes trying to switch a row of them off. Constantly getting one or two not responding… they were great in the past so putting this down to Philips doing something again to sabotage unofficial support again.

The steps:

  • Add a thing
  • Factory reset the lamp on off 6x 1sec

You have to start the “looking the device” before reset .It connects in a couple of seconds. You do not have to wait.

Unfortunatly Innr support says that the product is not compatible with ST. They are working on a handler to make it work. They suggest me to return the lamp…or wait …

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Still cannot see how this can work. Tried adding again and though the gu10 lamps flash indicating it’s paired to smartthings, there’s not even a catchall or zbjoin event in the hub event log. There is nothing for smartthings to match against or assign a device handler to. I cannot see how any type of devicehandler would make a difference without an update to either bulb or hub firmware.

Exactly the same with the Innr E27

They flash twice and then once a few seconds later making it appear like they are paired but do not appear as a thing.

A valuable lesson learned for this newby as I thought ZigBee compatible meant ZigBee compatible!! I bought 4 of these and it seems they’ll have to go back.

I’ve got a load of the GU10’s set up now but as someone above had commented they link into ST’s via the Hue bridge so not strictly speaking ST compatible in their own right.
They suffer occasionally latency wise but otherwise a cheap alternative to other GU10’s (assuming you have the Hue bridge).

I got a Innr E27. I bought only one to test. It connected easily to both Philips Hue and SmartThings.

So I went ahead and bought four more and three GU10. These new ones connect to Hue. But not to SmartThings. They simply can’t be found.

In order to have Hue to find them I had to reset them. Turn off/on 6 times, they blink twice and then once again after 1-2 seconds. Then they are automatically found by Hue app.

I see people mentioning that Innr bulbs can only be connected to SmartThings if there is a Hue. This means I have to first connect the bulb to Hue and then try to add to SmartThings?

Hi Guys,

If these Innr’s where connected fine to the Hue Hub, is there anything stopping them working with the Hue Motion Sensor?