Innr outlet SP 224 "Unknown Device"

I have a Zigbee outlet by Innr, model SP 224. When I try to pair it with my Smartthings Hub (2018) it shows up as Unknown Device.

I actually have a number of these, and the ones I bought previously are working fine with the hub. This is a new two-pack I just received, and both of them exhibit the same behavior.

Any suggestions for figuring this out?

You can login to IDE and see what device type is assigned to those existing switches. Then edit the new one (unknown device) and change the device type to match and save.

Thanks for the reply. In the IDE they show up fine, and the device types match. Events are even logged correctly when I manually toggled the outlet on and off. But in the app they show as unknown.

Here is the IDE screenshot. What shows here as “Blue lamp” shows as "unknown device in the app.

Here’s the screenshot from the phone:

Later on, the unknown device just disappears from the app.

I’ve gone over the settings in the IDE and can’t find anything different between the devices.

try editing the device in IDE, change it to a different device type and save, then change it back and save.

only other option to try, remove the device, reset it and try pairing again in the new app.

Unfortunately this didn’t do anything. The device continues to show up in the IDE, and doesn’t show up at all now in the app.

What do you mean by “the new app?”

there is an older app called the Classic that is in the process of being phased out

oh, but I’m already using the new app, I guess.

I’ve removed the device and reset it already numerous times. I really appreciate your help and ideas, but I think I’m just going to give up. I don’t know if it’s the outlet or the plug, but something isn’t right.