Osram Flex Light Strip RGBW Control Using Smartthings

Recently I bought Osram Lightify Flex RGBW light strip and found it does not work with Smartthings. Spent a day to figure out on how to integrate this with Smartthings. Wrote a small app to keep changing the color at every minute. Here are the detailed steps to get it integrated with Smartthings and the link to an App.

Issues: Smartthings hub detects Osram Flex light strip as “Thing” only, but does not allow you to control or link with any Smartthings App.

Fix to configure this “Thing” device: Goto “My Devices”. Choose “Thing” device. Change “Name” and “Label” as “Osram RGBW”. Change “Type” as “ZLL RGBW Bulb” from drop down menu and click “Update”. Now, on your Smart Phone, you should be able to change colors, on/off Osram RGBW Flex Light Strip.

Below are the additional steps to make colors rotate at every minute with a click of a button.

First is to create a “Virtual Switch”. To do this, click on “Devices”, “New Device”. Enter “Name” and “Label” as “Virtual Switch”, Skip “Zigbee Id”. You may enter “Virtual_Switch_ID” for “Device Network Id”. Choose “Type” as “Simulated Switch” from drop down menu. Choose “Location” and “Hub” as your Smartthings hub. Finally click on “Create”. A new virtual switch device is created now in your things.

Now click on “My SmartApps”, “New Smart App”, “From Code”. Copy/paste below code, and “Create”, “Save” , “Publish”, “For Me” , “Simulator”, choose your hub, and “Install”.

Hint to change color frequency:

The below code changes color at every 1 minute at a randomly chosen 30sec time. You may change 2nd option to 0/5 for 5 minute interval. Less than 1 minute interval is not supported or guaranteed to work with Smartthings.

schedule(“30 0/1 * * * ?”, changeLightColors)

Wish you a Happy Colorful Holidays!

Odd. Mine worked, no problems.

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Same here have 2 in 2 rooms and no issues pairing or using. As far as the app I need a color randomizing loop one that used the DH attributes. I know I can do it with CORE but have not figured it out yet.

Are you referring to the new osram strips that are outdoor rated or the other ones that have been around for two years that are indoor only?

I am referring to “SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY by Osram - LED Flex Light Strip RGBW for Smart Home - Connected - Adjustable - Warm White to Daylight + Color, works with Alexa (requires hub), Indoor/Outdoor Version 16ft” bought from Amazon. This show up as “Thing” in Smartthings and will not associate with any App. The workaround to get it working is to change the “Type” as “ZLL RGBW Bulb”.

I believe those are the NEW ones.

Could not find more info. It was on sale before Thanksgiving holidays, but find it unavailable now.

So does this really require an Osram hub or not? I’m confused. :slight_smile:

No. Right now the hub’s only advantage is the ability to update the firmware. The Osram hub does not integrate with ST - they have a closed API.


I see that this post is a few months old but am just now getting into ST and need some clarification before I purchase the Flex Light RGBW for my kitchen cabinets. If I select the type as "“ZLL RGBW Bulb”, will I have the ability to adjust the color and white temperature in the ST Android app? Thanks in advance.

I’m using ZigBee RGBW Bulb as the DTH, and I have full control using the iOS app. I suspect the ZLL RGBW Bulb will as well.

Hi, I am planning to buy some Lightify flex strips and have some questions. Can someone please clarify?

  • What is the maximum length of light strip I can connect to 1 lightify power adapter?
  • Will the brightness reduce if I connect multiple strips together?
  • Is there a possibility to hook multiple strips in parallel rather than serial?
  • What kind of connectors work for these light strips? Can I simply buy any of the solder free led strip connectors?

For light strips, you need to review the total power consumption of the LED and the capacity of the controller. If you like, you can use powered controller for more power.