Infinite alarm triggered routine and siren didn't fire

My wife activated away routine inadvertantly and I had to go down stairs. This of course tripped motions. This is the first known alarm trip since testing… What a disaster. First off, the siren didn’t trip. 2ndly, the freakining notifications to my entire family have been coming in every hour or 2 since… This is brutal … Do I need to go to a real alarm company? What is wrong now? Thanks for the Christmas eve fiasco.

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Are you using SHM? If so it has known issues. Smart Alarm is a better option and adds an entry delay among other options. Just make sure to disable all your sensors in SHM.

Do I need to disable sensors just to stop this infinite loop ?I have tried unplugging/pulling batteries and these friggin notifications continue…

Siren does not trip with SHM here either. Engaged support over 40 days ago now, they acknowledge the issue but have not updated since.


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Probably SHM just isn’t stable. I have it doing nothing. after the 3am issue once the wife said fix it or tear it out. LOL So i switched to smart alarm for security and it’s very stable.

SHM has 5 copies of itself running. But, I am still not quite sure if you want me to delete the routines themselves? If so, that would suck incredibly as routines are half the reason I bought this thing.

K There should be no sensors in the SHM under security both under armed away and armed stay. Also I have no lights or sirens or notifications under alarm notifications. This basically turns the alarm part into a mode indicator only.

Smart alarm will work with routines, I have a bunch of those also.

.I have 4 instances of SHM running: Security(which does nothing but reflect mode changes) , Smoke, Leaks, Garage motion.

The 3 beside security all seem to work fine.

Hopefully this clears it up a little.

Yeah…I am still struggling with finding what to do here and this F’ing thing continues to send intrusion detection messages even with the routines completely removed. (18 hours later…) This is completely ridiculous. What a piece of crap…

Anyone have a clue how to stop this notification every 2 hours without completely starting from scratch? I am going on 24 hours soon and this crap isn’t stopping.

I’ve not used SHM since September but I remember seeing someone with a similar problem. Did you dismiss the alert? I recall is your don’t it keeps triggering.

See if this helps: Click me

Looks like you were correct…(I hope)…on deleting the offending motion sensor. Now of course, I still have 6 copies of SHM running on my dashboard and cannot re-add the sensor. I am confident this will be another 3-4 hours of screwing around for what should be something easy. I have followed the exclusion and reset instructions for the EcoLink and still no joy. Thanks for the link. It looks EXACTLY (or very similar) to what I am encountering. I had already attempted to dismiss the notification dozens of times. I think the problem is the 6 copies of SHM are replicating. Not exactly sure what steps to take next…

So after hours and hours of playing with this, it looks like I ran into several issue concurrently. Some reported in other threads over Christmas:

  1. Multiple SHM scripts on dashboard - How to remove Multiple Smart Home Monitor from Dashboard or Solutions - Need support to clean this up based on comments there.
  2. Notification gone bonkers - Home monitor doing intrusion after disarmed - Notification (hourly messaging relating to a sensor active) stopped when I deleted the offending motion sensor. But, had deleted all room and modes as well. Interesting that home would not delete…
  3. I can no longer attach devices to rooms. They (the devices) simply do not shop up as available to include. I am going to assume that this is related to some of whatever is going on.

Routines appear to be functioning again and completely avoiding SHM per celblazers advice and will try SmartAlarm, user lock manager and smoke alarm instead. I do have my motions back functioning finally! These need to work or the system is useless to me.

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Well you couldn’t last a month could you…
Again…5 am…infinite trigger on front door sensor followed by the status changing adhoc to away when I disarmed multiple times. I followed some advice and removed smart scripts. Has flawless performance using smartalarm with routines for about 2 weeks. I am unable o delete the offending sensor from my android device again. Will need to look at this…again.
.later. This is getting ridiculous…