Alarm triggered while SHM disarmed

This morning while going out after disarming SHM one of my door sensors triggered my siren. I’ve never noticed security false trigger is true before? Is this a new bug or?

I could not get the SHM to disarm at all this morning. My Good Morning routine was suppose to change modes and set it to disable. When I noticed that, that didn’t work. I tried to disarm it by clicking the Disarm button on the dashboard and just got the spinning arrow every time. Even rebooted the hub and logged out of the app and back in. Never could get it to disarm this AM.

Read deeper, lots of occurances of 1. failure to disarm Quickly or 2. at all.
Workarounds, disable sirens or do not arm.

SHM hasn’t worked for me in a while. I finally got my hands on the iris keypads and they are worthless now

You’re kidding right. It’s my security system and has always worked great!

Dominic is apparently lying to you! And is your own fault the alarm went off. Everything is operational and there have been no issues in the past few days, or something like that. I don’t understand what your problem is. :smiley:

Check the status page below

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yeah, tell Dominic that manually disarming SHM isn’t working either. I submitted a ticket last week about that and was told they knew about it and were working on it, but no time line.

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Yea, I didnt even respond. This Dominic guy may be entry level because if he was not he would have looked through my logs and saw that my SHM was disarmed and that disarming it manually would have had no benefit.

When I got home today the routine triggered everything just fine as normal.

The line in my second screenshot that says Security false trigger is true I have never seen before and feel like that is something to do with the coding issue that occurred.

This morning it’s back to normal. Also notice you do not see the security flag upon door opening.

Oh how I love this community. I thought I was losing it.:anguished: I could not, for the life of me, disarm the system- Kept reverting back to armed. I have been searching around to see what I was doing wrong. Thank you for sharing…

now to tackle bigger problems…that Christmas turkey :smile: .