Increasing available data on exported excel spreadsheet

I’ve just purchased 2 smart temperature/ humidity sensors to enable me to control my greenhouse more accurately. However, on trialing these yesterday I note that despite getting a nice graphical representation of the changing temperature and humidity on the Smart Life app, when exported, I simply get readings at 1 hour spacings. Is there anyway to change this? I need to be able to get reading’s more frequently as temperature particularly can change considerably up or down over this hour period.

Assuming you used Linked Services to bring the SmartLife devices into SmartThings, you can use
Constantgraph to get more granular readings.

And you need to make sure your temperature sensors are actually reporting at the interval or temperature change you desire. Battery operated sensors often lean on the conservative battery life side: infrequent reports or reporting only when temperature changes in larger steps. If you are interested in less-than-one-degree data, be sure the sensor is set up that way. And consider USB powered devices or use of a battery eliminator to make frequent reporting possible without needing to change batteries very frequently!