Responsiveness of SmartSense Humidity Sensor

Does anybody have experience using the SmartSense Humidity Sensor and/or other humidity sensors. I’m particularly trying to determine the time constant or response time required to detect and report a change in humidity. A relatively slow time constant seems OK for applications like a cigar humidor, but what about turning on a vent fan if the shower is run and we forget to turn on the fan ahead of time? Will the SmartSense sensor detect and report the change quickly enough to command the switch on for an application like this?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure about the newest model, but they typically report once every eight minutes. Most small battery operated sensors are “sleepy” devices that are inactive most of the time, wake up on a set interval, check to see if things have changed beyond their preset reporting parameter, and then either report and go back to sleep, or just go back to sleep. So we say they use “sampling,” not continuous monitoring. This saves battery life.

There are several community members who are using the humidity sensors to monitor showers etc., here’s one of the more sophisticated efforts:

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