IKEA Tradfri smart blind reporting 0% battery

I have three of these using the DH from Luis Pinto. Two of the blinds work great and report the correct battery level. The last blind I installed reports 0% battery. I have swapped batteries from the other IKEA blinds and the 0% stays with the suspect blind. I have removed it from the IDE, paired it again and it still reports 0% battery. The stock DH also reports 0%

The blind goes up and down fine with the app and the remote.
I’m thinking I have a defective blind, but before I exchange it I wanted to see if there is something I am missing.

Are you sure that it has reported any battery level at all? I believe, I have seen similar with one of my motion sensors, as it hasn’t reported any battery level for a while at the beginning.

The blind was defective. I exchanged it for another and the battery is reporting correctly. Not sure if it was the blind or the signal repeater.

Another shade was reporting 0% battery. I unplugged the repeater, waited 10 seconds and plugged it back in. The battery reported 99% after that.

What repeater are you using? IKEA?

The repeater that came with the blind.

Please excuse me for the question, but have you paired all the repeaters to Smartthings too? I guess yes, but worth to ask.
Do you have any other repeaters in your zigbee mesh? Any non-battery powered device? There is a post in the Xiaomi/Aqara topic which explains which devices are good repeaters. You might be running into a “bad” repeater in your network which is not repeating the messages correctly. IKEA bulbs, sockets are generally good repeaters.
Anyhow, if you paired the IKEA repeaters, the order should be by pairing repeater and then the blind to have good signal from the repeater.

The point from IKEA selling the blinds with pre-paired repeaters and remotes is to have it ready to use without the IKEA gateway and make the remote to work from distance.

I have all three IKEA repeaters working great.

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