Devices show zero battery

I noticed today that some devices show zero battery, even if the batteries are new. Anyone else seeing this?

Zigbee or z-wave devices or both?

Z-Wave + tilt sensor.

Yes, but Zigbee in my case.

When I was first investigating the IKEA button battery drain issue and was having to (re)pair a lot of devices, I did notice I had started seeing null battery values on some of the buttons in the IDE, which appear in the app as 0. ST saw that my battery reporting commands weren’t getting through a couple of my IKEA Outlets and got me to power cycle them. I think I still needed to nudge the devices so they ran the ‘configure’ method again (I wish the app supported that). I have seen the issue again since then on both my hubs.

I still seem to see null values about, and I’m not sure they can all be explained by an issue with configuration.

I’d really like to know what is happening with battery reporting. It disappeared from the event history last October-ish. In the documentation it is mentioned in the context of ‘device health’ along with online status, signal strength and the like. However the Health API only handles the online status. Then again the Health API isn’t listed in the REST API documentation.

This new app looks nice, but between this issue and the constant slow status, then you add on the crashes, makes it useless. So much has been removed from the platform, I wonder if it is worth staying with ST. I have always been a strong advocate for ST, but I am loosing faith in it. I am using IOS app.

I have 22 battery devices (z- wave, zigbee, and BLE/WiFi) and they all show battery levels of 40 to 100%. Using Android phone and located in the US.

some of us have more then 200.

The way I look at this is, it doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 200 devices, it is still a problem.


but they think most just have 2 or 3 devices LOL

I guess so, I gave up counting how many devices I have.

right now until they decide what and when they are going to do with the IDE I havent put much time or effort into things. i do find myself using the app less and less and buttons more and more.

I had an issue with some zigbee devices showing 0%, even after I moved to the new v3 hub. Come to find out a few year ago one of the support people made a new device type for water sensor, motion sensor, and open closed in my account; I noticed it because they were running in the cloud not local. Once I switched them to their proper handler they started showing the right battery amount. Not sure if that helped but that is what happened to me.

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I don’t think that is my problem, but I will check.
UPDATE: I had to remove the device and reset, seems to work now.

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