Inconsistent Behavior

My SmartThings setup seemed to work pretty well in the beginning, but now (probably since the last update), it has been acting really flakey. My son has a smartthings presence sensor and it will randomly say he just arrived home when his sensor has been in the house all day sitting on a shelf. More importantly, we were robbed when we were out on vacation. I had it set to armed away. The logs show the motion of the robbers, but it never sounded the alarm or fire off the sonos speakers (they were set to do a separate alarm sound and dogs barking when the siren went off). Last night, we came home and our android phones dinged saying we had “arrived home” - normally that disarms the system as it should,but when we walked in, the alarm went off - UGH.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of inconsistent behavior recently? I no longer trust it to do what it is supposed to do when it is supposed to do it.

Sorry to hear about getting robbed but this system imo is a hobby for Samsung and has never been consistent since day one. There is no way I would trust this system to do anything beyond monitoring under sink leaks and random temps in the house. Relying on this as an alarm or for controlling access in to your home I would not suggest. Def not hooked to a loud siren.


All of the symptoms you reported have been reported many many times throughout the community. Sorry to hear about the robbery. Samsung apparently doesnt share these stories in their marketing.

Sorry to hear about that. So, I figured the robbers didn’t bother stealing your SmartThings hub. I’m not really surprised though. :smile:

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This has been the problem with smart things since day one. I thought upgrading to v2 would help, but it did not. I have gone through all my device configurations, smart apps and routines. Then everything will work great for a few days, then things don’t work. Even the app will log you out unexpectedly. I find myself looking at smart things almost hourly, just to check if something failed again. The most consistent failure is presence (iPhones), second is lights, third are routines. Considering that I have moisture sensors, my smoke alarm and my home security based on smart things. Unfortunately Smartthings is not ready for prime time and is at best a hobby system.

Wow that is terrible! So sorry. No notifications at all? Did ST modes work?

This is seems like good reason to keep security and cameras separate from automation, just for redundancy. Traditional burglar alarm manufacturers have resisted integrated automation for a long time because of reliability - the resistance is breaking down but I’d rather have multiple/redundant notifications anyway.

I’m actually surprised Scout is doing monitoring of smartthings given issues like this. You think there would be a lot of issues with that and customers would blame Scout. I wonder how that is going for them.

I’m definitely getting a monitored system and you’re right - most systems don’t natively do home automation, although ADT and others have a hub that plugs into their system and allows you do to some some automation things via the same app you use to control the security system. 2Gig, which last week announced their newest model, and GE/Interlogix Simon XT both do Z-wave home automation from within the touch screen control panel. However, they can’t do wifi, bluetooth or zigbee. Real trick is getting a security system vendor who doesn’t charge you extra when you want to add a zwave thermostat (ADT makes you go to a more expensive plan and will charge you more when you add new types of devices). So, pros and cons to chucking the smartthings hub/devices and doing it all through the security company or using a security company just for security and smartthings for things that aren’t as important and you’ll be ok when smartthings screws up again.

Ditto… has been nothing but a headache for quite some time and as much as I want to “understand” their support load and such with myself being in the IT field for 20+ years; it’s really pretty bad considering how many people seem to have the same type of issues.