Including existing Zwave switches in other rooms


I’m migrating from Vera Lite to Smartthings. This means that I have existing wall switches all over the house that are not within 15 feet of the hub. How do I include these switches on the smartthings hub? I noticed some batteries in the box with the hub. Can I fire up the hub battery powered and walk around as I did with the Vera Lite or does it still need the hard wired ethernet connection?

Thanks in advance for any advice!


I start with the closest ones to the hub and that way you start expanding your Z-wave network. I have switches on the second floor and didn’t need to take the hub upstairs.

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I second Rodolfo. I was able to pair all of my switches on other floors and in a detached garage without walking around with the hub.

Agree with Rodolfo and Brice. I just installed two zwave switches (Linear Dimmer, GE Fan Control) in the 2nd floor western-most room, while my v1 hub is on the 1st floor against the eastern wall. I expect they were able to network hop during the join process because it’s probably 50-75 ft through several walls and floor from hub to switches, but I have several along the way.

I just remembered, I actually had one exception… the Enerwave ZWN-SC7 is very picky and I had to bring the hub close to it to get it to pair.

Thar’s awesome guys. Thanks so much for the info! Cant wait to get home tonight and start playing.