Image quality comparison. What's better than Ring?

So I currently have a Ring Pro2 doorbell but I am designing a whole home system based a Ubiquiti switch for PoE. I am trying to maintain an ecosystem that is all integrated for my whole home. So far the Ring system is appealing as I can easily combine the security system with the cameras, app smokealarms,etc.

My dilemma however is that I am not super impressed with my Pro 2 doorbells image quality and I am not sure if I want to fully invest in Ring or diversify my plan. I am planning 4-6 camera’s , 2 outdoor and 4 indoor probably, and all will be PoE. Is the image quality that much better on the competition like Relink, Arlo, Ubiquiti, etc.? I would like to be able to actually read the license plate of the creepy SUV parking in front of my house vs just a blur. As this keeps happening as crime is going up in my area. Just for context, I am a network engineer to all the cameras will be wired on pre-existing drops and ran off a managed PoE switch, so Wifi or power is not an issue.

I will probably keep the Ring security system so I need to know if having to use an extra app to access my video is worth it or is the difference negligible and they are all a little grainy. Conversely if there is an another great security system that integrates easily to replace Ring I can look at that as well. So far based on pricing and features for cloud NVR, Ring seems to be the best on paper but someone must have clearer video.