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Ring Doorbell Elite

(Adam Laakso) #1

Good morning all,

I recently installed on the Ring Doorbell Elite. The device works so much faster and the picture quality is fantastic. But I soon realized that it isn’t supported on SmartThings… Goal is to trigger Harmony activity to turn on mutliple tv’s and display ring doorbell via Android box. I tried IFTTT and it took over 30 seconds to respond. Why is this not easily part of SmartThings yet? I would suspect many builders will start implementing these during construction. Hopefully they can add this ASAP

(John P. Hoke) #2

Sometime after the Ring Flood Cam that has been unsupported for too long :frowning:

(Patrick Musselman) #3

Try Stringify it is a little faster than IFTTT for Ring devices.The Ring IFTTT channel is really useless IMO.

(Adam Laakso) #4

Yeah I do have that installed but haven’t tried it yet. Kind of disappointed that they don’t have these connected. Seems like it would be easy to do. Ring says it’s up to SmartThings to get it going. Thanks guys

(Mark) #5

I think the technical requirements to integrate IoT devices from different manufacturers are usually not the problem.

It has more to do with whether the two companies want to work together. The fact that some percentage of their mutual customers would want them to, often isn’t sufficient. Unfortunately.

(Kevin) #6

Any update on this? my Elite is sitting pretty out front with no smart things connected…

(Adam Laakso) #7

Nothing that I know of. Pretty disappointing…

(MacTechGenius) #8

I currently have a Ring Pro that is running well! Should I upgrade to the Ring Elite or Nest Hello…thinking about the Nest Hello.

(Adam Laakso) #9

The Elite is alot faster at connecting. However, without integration there is no point if your current setup works well. You would move to the elite if you are already having connection issues.

(MacTechGenius) #10

Do you know if a chime is required with the Nest Hello? My ring is wired directly into the transformer

(Todd Wackford) #11

Poof :slight_smile:



We had a Ring Pro and it worked great with SmartThings, but we recently replaced it with an elite. Unfortunately still no support for it. Is it really that much more work to add it in? Other than the form factor and maybe some identifiers, it behaves nearly identical to the Ring Pro…:frowning:

(Rod Marr) #13

Hi all, I’m building new house and would like to use the Elite for PoE reasons as much as anything. Any progress on SmartThing support for the Elite? Did anyone try the device handler for the Pro by any chance?

Thanks and ever hopeful.


You can use cat5 for the doorbell but use a ring pro, my friend got a new home with cat5 and I just change it to work for the ring 1. Big home, use a mesh router.

(Todd Wackford) #15

The Ring Elite works with ST.


I noticed it isn’t on the listing of products, shouldn’t it be?

(Todd Wackford) #17

Are you using ST classic?

(Ron Talley) #19

Not sure it’s a good idea to put your personal information on this forum…


Thanks! My first time and it said I could reply by email! So, I thought it just did it through my profile!


Version 3 is what I am using.