Looking for app that can turn lights on and change color

(Raul Pared) #1

I have the Sylvania recess LIGHTIFY color version on my porch. I would like to be able to turn them on automatically at night at a certain brightness and a certain color. Right now I have to go into each light and change the color manually this tedious as hell. I have 9 of these.
I’m running smartthings hub,
(had to re-word this cause some people do’nt read good)

I didn’t bother with the manufactures app osram sylvania!!! (read it sucks) I would like time to stick with smartthings ecosystem but I’ll try anything.
Thanks in advance!

I’m looking for a SMARTAPP that can automate this task

(Wayne) #2

May I ask why you’re not using the default smart lighting app? It should be more than up to the job of doing this simple task.

(Raul Pared) #3

the switch on the wall turns it on and off. I have the lights hooked up to my smartthings version 2 hub. the only way i can turn these on and off is going to the smartthings app then each individual light and then turning them on or off thats it. i do not have any other way that ius why im here if you have anything constructive to contribute please do

(Raul Pared) #4

I’m looking for a SMARTAPP that can automate this task

(Robin) #5

The Smartlighting Smartapp does not suck, it does basic tasks perfectly.

@a4refillpad made a very constructive comment that smartlighting is perfect for your use case… your response is unacceptable!

(Dale C) #6

I would look at using a couple of apps that might work for you. SmartLighting to give you the time control of the porch switch and then add all your color light bulbs to this app for syncing together based on the porch switch. @Triosinal did a great job on this app and it sounds like its just what you are looking for?

(Raul Pared) #7

someone needs to read more carefully! i stated that i am running snmartthings app and that I am not running the manufactures app sylvania the company that makes the light bulb!

please read more carefully,

READ BREATH then READ some more!

(Bob) #8

Hah Hah Hah. Pots and kettles.

(Wayne) #9

Wow, I thought I was being very polite in asking for clarification.
Yes, the smart lighting smartapp is capable of doing what you ask. If you need help with finding and using this smartapp please ask.

(Robin) #10

Dude, you did not say that, what you said was very different:

“I’m running smartthings hub, I didn’t bother with there app (read it sucks)”

(Bob) #11

You were more than polite and did point in the right direction.
Just no helping some people.
At this point I think you should abandon this thread and let him get on with it.

(Wayne) #12

Personal attacks on this forum is not acceptable practice. I can infact read very well thankyou very much. We are all here to try and help each other. Please keep conversations cordial.


In a word: Core.

(Raul Pared) #14

Yes I do need help that’s why I posted on this forum asking for help someone please help me I am trying to get these lights to automatically turn on and set to a specific color

(Paul Haskins) #15

You also said THIS the switch on the wall turns it on and off. I h

That is you first problem. And as to anymore help, Keep the switch on and determine what other method you will use to trigger the smart lightning app.

(Robin) #16

Go to the smartapps tab in the marketplace page within the Smartthings app.

Select ‘Smartthings recommends’

Select ‘smartlighting’

Follow on screen instructions.

(Raul Pared) #17

yeah but my porch switch is not zwave only the lights are sylvania osram rgb

(Bob) #19

If you read post 2 it told you what to do.
Post 16 put some pretty pictures in for you.
Perhaps if you were less confrontational with your responses you may get further.

(Raul Pared) #20

Thank you for the interesting helping me I did get it working. I tried to think the person that helped me but it got flagged as inappropriate
I quickly realized if you post your opinion without using any curse words or inflammatory language your post will get flagged because you put it out something someone else did so because of that I didn’t respond 2 most of the users here trying to help me

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #21

I love threads like this… I won’t say why… Just that I do!