GE Light Switch (#12722) Blue LED scheduling

Is it possible to schedule the blue LED status indicator on the GE light switches? I know they can be manually changed based on switch status, but I would like to schedule them to be off during period X and on during period Y. If it is possible, has someone already written a smart app? Thank you, in advance!


It should be possible to write a SmartApp to schedule a call to change the indicator at a given time. The device has these three methods: indicatorWhenOn, indicatorWhenOff, indicatorNever.


I may be interested in something like that to use as a status light for another event. For example, if the mailbox was opened turn on the Blue LED of the livingroom switch to let you know there is mail.
Not a great example but something like that.


This is great news! However, I’m a noob a writing smart apps. What would I modify in the Once a Day app (by SmartThings)?

Do I change this:
section(“Select switches to control…”) {
input name: “switches”, type: “capability.switch”, multiple: true

to something like this:

section(“Select switch indicators to control…”) {
input name: “switches”, type: “capability.indicatorWhenOff”, multiple: true

Thank you for helping!

Give this one a try:


I would love this feature too! Would be nice to flash blue led light when there is a knock on the door. Or maybe constant on or blinking every 10 seconds to indicate alarm is armed.

Any suggestion for SmartApp to do this @obycode ?

The problem with those two use cases is that there is no option to turn it on. The three options are “never on”, “on when lit”, “on when not lit”.

I guess it would be possible to check the current state of the switch and set the indicator to whichever mode would make it be on, then monitor the status of the light to change the indicator accordingly. The app I posted above allows you to pick what the default mode is, then sets the indicator to “never on” between the specified times, and back to the default mode otherwise.

I’ve found that the “never on” option doesn’t work properly on most of my switches (mix of GE old, Linear, GE new), so I created this app to track switch events and adjust the option to keep the indicator off all the time. I’ve never worked with scheduling, but maybe this could help you update the code above.

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Excellent! I’ve installed the app. I’ll test it once I am home!

At the risk of seeming presumptuous, is it possible to change the indicators when a Hello, Home phrase is run and then return to the default state after a specified period of time?

Anything to turn the damn thing off… two of them illuminate my bedroom at night… I could take a Sharpie to them but I wouldn’t want to permanently ‘modify’ them like that…

If your switches are GE, you should be able to manually change the indicator light to “Never Lit” or at least, “Lit When On”. See pics below…first is the default, “Lit When Off” (illuminate the night), the second is set to “Lit When On” and finally, “Never Lit”…

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oh absolutely… If I had my ST hub… Still stuck on Wink, for now. :slight_smile:

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This code worked as designed! Thank you!

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