I'm looking for a zigbee or Z-wave RGB controller that stays off when the power returns after a blackout (Italy)

He’s looking for an RGB controller that works well with SmartThings and that if the power goes out, it won’t turn on when it comes back on. Anyone have any advice? I’m tired of buying and returning on Amazon. All the same problem, when the current returns they light up red at maximum power! I try osram, and a lot of generic. Hue I think work only with her led right? I have 2 stop led long 10m already install and I do not want change allz but only the controller.

Fibaro RGB? Wor fine? Please help me…

I believe the Zooz ZEN31 has a setting that allows you to configure its behavior on power restoration.

@TheSmartestHouse can hopefully confirm that.

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Thank you, I don’t know… But this is not disponibile in Italy :it: (my country)

Most smart lights are designed to turn on fully after a power outage so that if someone uses a regular switch that cuts power to the device it will work as they expected to. Turn the switch off the light goes off, turn the switch on the light comes on.

There are a few lamps that allow you to specify what behavior you want after a power outage. But I don’t know of any LED controllers that do. :thinking:

Fibaro RGBW2 Controller can do that. it has a parameter for either off after a power fail or restore state.

Not sure how goo the current DTH is though.


no good becouse, if the power come back, the led power On but with red light, not the last use…

Try the Hue led strip. Not cheap, but Hue has the option to define the state after power failure.

The option recover after power failure is in the Hue bridge / app, maybe not via SmartThings hub available.

I looked for the recovery, not in SmartThings. Add a Hue bridge to SmartThings and do the recovery via the Hue.

Grtn Ben

That’s true for the Hue bulbs, but I don’t believe that feature is available for the LED strips. unless there’s a newer model that supports it. My strips are a couple of years old, and they don’t have that feature, although the bulbs do.

Answer from Philips Hue

So it is possible, but you need the Hue bridge and the Hue led strip. :dollar:

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I have both, but as I said, the LED strips are pretty old at this point.

Can you find that option in Hue, although it’s old?

A software (firmware) option added the power loss recovery option?

Thank you. I know the Philips Hue, but I have already 10m of let rgb assembly in a room and 5m in other room. I kan not change all. I haven’t the budget. 15m of Hue really costs too much

Don’t know how important the under-voltage problem is for you and what price you want to pay for a solution.

To protect an electric motor from starting again after a power failure, there are motor-relay / motor-switch. After a power failure the relay opens and remain open, only a push on the button closes the relay again. See an example below.

Around €35 for such a device, current rating 10 amp.
That will control many RGB drivers and other.

If you are familiar with relay and a pushbutton, you can make a relay with a momentary pushbutton in the hold circuit yourself?

Under Voltage Release
An under voltage release is an optional device installed in a circuit breaker that automatically triggers a power trip when the power falls below a preset level, usually between 70 and 35 percent of the UV rating.

Grtn Ben

€ 11,64 | JVR1000 LCD Three-phase 380V Overvoltage/Undervoltage Protection Phase Monitoring Relays

Automatic & manual reset mode

See the screenshot in my post above. The option is there for the lamps, but for the strips it says “not supported“ on the page where you set the power loss recovery option. The strips are hue brand, but they are old.

Tnx, didn’t recognize Holiday Strip as a Hue strip, but in your Hue app are only Hue devices?

I have a Gledopto led driver with dual-ID added to my Hue bridge, the Hue bridge is connected to the SmartThings hub.

It should be an option nowadays, power loss recovery…

Grtn Ben

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All the strips are non-Hue and the Ikea bulb doesn’t support power failure recovery.

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Yes, the ZEN31 RGBW Dimmer has the on/off status after power outage configurable. The closest product to this one in Europe would be the Fibaro RGBW Controller 2 as @siwilson pointed out.


Yes but not work in Italy. The same is Fibaro in Italy. I try to config today but I have a lot of problem about connection.

You have the proper device handler for the Z31 installed on forehand? Otherwise the device will not be recognized correct.

Sorry? I don’t understand. I use fibaro rgbw controller 2 I think the same for Europe. The DH for zooz work