Someone Arrives "SmartApp" not working?

I’m trying to set up the presence of myself of my wife to trigger the ‘I’m Back’ routine and change the status of the Smart Alarm Monitor.

Unfortunately right now it doesn’t appear to be working. Here’s what I’ve done:

  • I’ve added my phone as a device to show when I’m home.
  • I’ve added my wife’s Life360 account to show when she is home (until the multiple user fix is available in the app).

Both appear to be showing when we are present based on the device’s history (Recently) tab.

Next, I’ve set up the ‘Someone Arrives’ SmartApp (Perform I’m Back) with the following options:

  • Any of these People / Which = My phone and my wife’s Life360 account devices
  • Minimum away time = 10 minutes (default)

Finally, I’ve set the “I’m Back” routine to set the home monitor to “Disarm” and change the mode to “Home”.

When I manually click the “I’m Back” routine, the Smart Home Monitor correctly changes to “Disarm”, so the problem appears to be that the “Someone Arrives” function is not being activated.

Any suggestions on what could be wrong?


I’m not sure from your description of events, but if you were home when you set up the “Someone Arrives” trigger and you haven’t left yet, then it wouldn’t have triggered anything yet. You’d have to actually leave and then return to see if everything works correctly.

Don’t know but I have a ticket open on this issue also. Mine was using the ST presence sensor that showed me arriving, but wouldn’t change the mode and disarm SHM. I got an email this morning:

Sounds like a problem we identified with Smart Apps/ Smart Home Monitor not respecting Modes. A server deploy should be going out this week to resolve this issue (Yes! Fix is coming!).

Thanks, but I was actually away when I set everything up and didn’t arrive home for several hours. :smile:

Great, thanks so much for the update - it was driving me crazy thinking I had done something wrong on my end.

Will be on the lookout for the fix.

Ah, well, it was worth a try. :smile: Like I said, I wasn’t quite sure from the sequence of events you laid out.

Just to check, how exactly did you set it up? Are you talking about tapping on the gear icon in a Routine tile and selecting “Automatically perform […] when” and choosing Someone Arrives there?

Yep - I think that’s how I set it up initially.

At least that’s what is showing now when I click on the gear icon for the routine. And it sounds like what I initially did (although I can’t say for 100% since it’s been several hours ago). :wink:

That’d be the right way. That’s how my routines are set up and I haven’t had any problems, but I don’t know the details of the issue that @japple mentioned. It’s possible that it only affects some users for whatever reason.

I get a similar problem except for me the I’m Back routine works and disarms Smart Home Monitor but I can’t get it to arm when I leave - if I click Goodbye via the app then it sets Smart Home Monitor to Away (Arm) correctly but it won’t do it when everyone has left (all the presence sensors have gone).

…reported the problem to Samsung and had this reply:

Hey Ian.

Thanks for reaching out,

I’m going to be the bearer of bad new (for the time being). The ‘Goodbye’ routine is experiencing issues at the moment. We have our engineers working on a fix, however we don’t have an accurate time scale on when it will be fixed.

This isn’t the experience we wanted for our customers, we are working around the clock to get these problems resolved.

We appreciate and thank you for your patience, if we can help in any way please get back in touch.

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This is a big problem. Personally it completely cripples ST as an automation system when a routine stops working for everyone.

These kind of issues should have been worked out a year ago.