Illumra ZBT-S1AWH Wireless ZigBee Switch

Anyone know if something like this would work w ST??

This seems interesting. States that it is ZigBee 3.0. perhaps @JDRoberts can shed more on this.

Definitely an interesting device! That one is using zigbee green power (like the Hue Tap Switch).

Both zigbee green power and zigbee home automation (which SmartThings uses) are being folded into zigbee 3.0.

However, at the present time the smartthings hub uses neither zigbee green power nor zigbee 3.0, so I don’t think it’s going to be able to communicate with this switch.


Ok, if that won’t work…Here is the issues.

I have a chandelier with no switch, currently being controlled by an Aeotec dimmer module.

Could I install an old Jasco no neutral zwave dimmer, powered from a different switch but not going to a light

Then program ST to turn the chandelier on/off/dim wirelessly using that Jasco dimmer that has just power going to it???

Probably. In SmartThings, you can have any on/off/dim switch “follow” any other switch which SmartThings recognizes. The control switch sends a message to the hub, the hub sends a message to the controlled switch. That’s how devices like the minimote work.

The question is how quickly will SmartThings get the message that there was a change at the wall switch, and that depends on the exact model of switch.

Switches which support either “hail” or “association” will immediately update SmartThings when they do something. But switches which don’t may have to be polled.

I’m not sure how quickly the ST hub knows when a Jasco switch has a change at the wall switch, maybe someone else will know.

Which app would allow the aeotec dimmer to follow a switch?

Edit: just set it up as a test to another switch I have in my system, a GE dimmer, using the general Smart Lights app. Works to turn on and set level, and turn off. About a 3 second delay.

No ability to dim though…

This is the same thing as grouping lights. For dimming you would have to use one of the custom SmartApps. Trendsetter or one of the newer dim and dimmer variations could probably do it. You can find these by using the quick browse list in the community – created wiki and look for lighting in the smart app section.

Or you could jump right to core. But none of these would run locally, if that’s an issue, as custom code doesn’t run locally at the present time. Only smart lights can run locally right now.

All of that said, three seconds seems like a long time. When did you last run A zwave repair?

I REALLY WANT this device. Batteryless remote switch! Is there a timeline for Zigbee 3 in Smartthings, or is there a Zigbee 3 hub I can integrate with Smartthings?

Looks like they sell their own relay one could put in the fixture. The question is whether that relay could then speak to other zigbee devices, like SmartThings.

Has this changed over the last 2 years? This switch looks perfect for me!

The newest hub will use zigbee 3.0 soon if it doesn’t now. But it still won’t support green power devices. I don’t know if the switches will be exposed if you use them with the hue bridge or not.