Zemismart Zigbee 3.0 Push Light Switch

I bought a 3 button switch from the zemismart brand but I could not connect it with their app or smartthings. I have already tried to copy several codes from the forums, but when I try to add the device, only one button is added. Anyone knows how to solve this?

Did you get the code for the device type handler from the manufacturer? From their product description:

such as SmartThings NEED ADD HANDLER,if you donot know where to download the Handler,message us

Hello, can you please help me. I don’t know. Thanks

I’m sorry, someone else will have to help you. Hopefully one of the people who has the switch will comment.

Tagging @GSzabados just in case…

@emaguz13, I don’t know that is it the same as their github one, but here is the link to that.

You need to add the DH code to your IDE and assign it to the device.

Make sure that is the zigbee model. The wifi models are not working with SmartThings.

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Thanks, ill try

I’m looking for a Zigbee or Z-wave switch that can work also with Smart Bulbs. The use case is that, a dumb bulb cannot have different colors changed via a Smart Switch.

Does anybody know if this switch or other can be configured to just send a signal to the hub, instead of cutting the power completely ?


There are now several of these, but you are in the wrong thread to discuss them. also, we will need to know what country you are in, as the device selection does vary.

Why don’t you start with the following FAQ:

FAQ: Looking at a good Wall Switch for my Hue Bulbs (2020 Short FAQ) ( also applies to other brands of smart bulbs)

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Thank you for your reply, I read that FAQ section before, and the discussions didn’t gave me any clear choices, just something like “it may work” like the Neo CoolCam one.
I just wanted to ask here if this particular switch from Zemismart can accomplish the following?

  1. Work with Smart Bulbs, hence not cutting the power completely
  2. When the physical buttons are pressed, only a command should be send to the SmartThings Hub and then back to the Smart Bulbs for On/Off status.
  3. It should work with Live wire and Load Wires, no Neutral.
  4. Country: EU/Italy

Thank you

For that to be possible, the switch must have settings that enable or disable the switch relay and only send the hub the action that just took place. I’ve only come across some external wall plugs that do this, like what Zooz has, but that zwave frequency won’t work for you, and it does not mount on/in the wall. It also doesn’t fit your use case.

What you could do, depending on your electrical skills and concern for fire safety and bypassing any local laws/regulations, is to wire the bulb/fixture to always have power from the breaker. The only way to kill power would be at the breaker box in the event of a fire or other emergency. Keep the switch connected to power like you do now, but just disconnect it from the bulb fixture. You’d have to build an automation to make all that stuff turn on/off, but Smart Lighting’s “mirror” behavior would work.

Would I do this, or recommend this? No, definitely not. I’d stick with buttons or remotes, or one of the other ideas from that discussion.


I have responded to you in the FAQ thread.

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Thanks, I think I will have to wait some more, for this kind of products to appear.


Hopefully it will, there were several new models introduced for the US just in the last year, so maybe there will be some for the EU eventually.

Do you happen to have some examples (or links) at hand in order to be able to track them, from time to time?

Sorry to disturb the conversation but in my opinion what you’re looking for is an scene switch instead an standard switch. An example the zemismart one:

€ 13,86 59% dto. | Zemismart-interruptor inalámbrico Tuya Zigbee de 4 entradas, pegatina Zigbee 3,0, batería, mando a distancia, Control SmartThings


Thanks, I have some battery remotes like IKEA TRADFRI, they can change colors, they can dim and turn on/off the lights, but that doesn’t help me if someone will physically turn off the psychical wired dumb switch. And if you mean to replace the dumb switch with this battery one, I will need to link the cables somehow together and have Power On all the time. I think this it’s a risk or a fire hazard. I’m not looking for battery operated switches, just a wired switch that can be programed to function as a command soft switch or a hard switch when needed.

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If you add a battery powered switch, then The other alternative is just to put a child safety lock on the existing wired switch. Or even put a little wooden flip a box over the existing switch and put the battery switch on top of that. Just something to keep people from using the old switch so they will use the battery powered switch instead. Then you don’t have to change the wiring.

You made me laugh :joy: today, with that title “BabySecurity Electric Plug Socket Cover” .

I appreciate the community response really, but these are just workarounds, which kind of defeats the purpose.

I tried to read what you said back in “2017” here FAQ: Philips Hue and Other Smart Bulbs - What sort of light switches to use with them? (Long FAQ) - #75 by JDRoberts , unfortunately the page is not available anymore

I understand, and as I mentioned, some of the US brands have created switches that work exactly as you described, there just aren’t any in the EU market yet. Hopefully in the future zemismart or one of the other brands manufacturing for the EU will create similar devices. But I haven’t seen any announcements yet.

We really need to keep this thread specific to zemismart models so it matches the thread title. This is a very busy forum and it just gets too confusing if the threads don’t stay on topic.

If you want to discuss other brands you can start your own thread under projects, but I just haven’t seen anything for the EU other than the Hue options I already gave you in the other thread. Hopefully there will be some eventually.

You could write to zemismart and suggest they add one. :sunglasses:

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