Zemismart Zigbee 3.0 Push Light Switch

I bought a 3 button switch from the zemismart brand but I could not connect it with their app or smartthings. I have already tried to copy several codes from the forums, but when I try to add the device, only one button is added. Anyone knows how to solve this?

Did you get the code for the device type handler from the manufacturer? From their product description:

such as SmartThings NEED ADD HANDLER,if you donot know where to download the Handler,message us

Hello, can you please help me. I don’t know. Thanks

I’m sorry, someone else will have to help you. Hopefully one of the people who has the switch will comment.

Tagging @GSzabados just in case…

@emaguz13, I don’t know that is it the same as their github one, but here is the link to that.

You need to add the DH code to your IDE and assign it to the device.

Make sure that is the zigbee model. The wifi models are not working with SmartThings.

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Thanks, ill try