Light Switch - Zigbee?


are there any zigbee wall switches that are supported by smartthings? Or by a smartapp?

Is anyone here using zigbee switches at all with st?


The SmartenIT 3 toggle battery operated switch is my personal favorite. Works great as a wall mount or flat on a table:

However, it’s not load bearing. But works great with smart bulbs.

SmartenIT Also makes both a single relay and dual relay which are on the official “works with smart things” list. The single can fit in a switch box. So that works well for wired control of lights.

GE does make a couple of zigbee wired switches, but I don’t know if anyone’s using them with SmartThings.

edited to add looks like @pstuart and @cmfraz started on a device type for the GE zigbee dimmer, but I don’t know if they ever finished it:

Device type needed - 45857GE Zigbee dimmer - #36 by JDRoberts

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thanks for this. The battery operated one looks good. but i’d love a more permanent solution.

So the smartenit relay’s - could i wire this in (I know an electrician) into my physical light switch and have that only toggle the lights on off via zigbee (i.e not kill power)?

will see where they’re up to on the ge zigbee dimmer device!

Yes, exactly, that’s the intended use.

holy moly that’s awesome. Thanks JDRoberts. Will be keeping an eye on this! need. Looks like this one is perfect for that use case :

i.e existing light switch (physical) that I just want to toggle an action in smartthings with instead of killing power.

Let me know if I can help or donate to your efforts.

I’m not doing anything with them, but the relays are already on the official “works with SmartThings” list, so SmartThings support should be able to help with device handlers.

oh yeah my bad. That means I can start enjoying this straight away :slight_smile:

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just to update everyone here on this use case - I confirmed with smartenIT that i won’t be able to do this use case i.e use the physical lightswitch to toggle the z wave switch in this module.

It’s only use is to toggle something connected to it i.e a fan. My use case is more suited to the battery powered z wave switches…

Smartthings itself can still do it with the in the wall relay through “the big switch” smartapp or “big switch for hello home phrases” smartapp. SmartenIT is probably not aware of that, as it is code, not the device itself.

Basically when one smartthings-controlled switch is turned on or off, the smart app uses that as a trigger to turn other smartthings-controlled devices on and off. You can even trigger it from a smart lightbulb. It’s just a matter of smartthings recognizing the state change. And because it’s the smart thing is cloud doing the actual work, the two devices don’t have to be the same protocol. You can have a Zigbee trigger a zwave bulb, or vice versa.

But if the battery operated one works well for you, that’s good, too.

So even tho I’m killing power to the relay st can use that as the trigger ? And the same for when I reinstate power ? Quite confusing but if that’s the case it makes sense now

You are not killing 100% of power or you would not be able to turn it on again with a network command, right?

You are using the always-powered networked relay to kill power to the device downstream from it, such as the fan. Assuming you have everything wired appropriately, of course.

So as the relay changes states, other devices can subscribe to that change.