IKEA TRÅDFRI repeater integration

I have smartthings v2 hub
I added one of this IKEA repeaters and worked like a charm. I purchased another one and it does no want to stay connected (OFFLINE).It pairs and shows online but quickly goes OFFLINE and stays like that
Any suggestions? I already delete and repair it

Are you using stock device handler or Edge driver for the repeaters🤔

I have not done a thing about Edge feature. Not sure if you need to activate the feature or how you use it.
All, I did was pairing through the Hub and let Smartthings add the device / select the driver like I have been doing for some years. PS I was able to add a contact sensor yesterday no problem

Those have a pretty weak signal. How far is it from the IKEA device to the next Zigbee repeating device or the ST hub?

As a test, you might put it temporarily one room over from the hub, about 15 feet away, and see if it stays connected there. Or just swap positions with the one that does stay connected and see what happens.

The Hub is on the second floor. The IKEA repeater that works is on the basement. The one that does not work has been on main floor and also second floor next to the hub. Never stays on.
I noticed that even though it pairs it never seen to complete setup properly. Some of the operational info on the IDE for the broken device is missing compared to the working one. For instance no last activity.