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Ikea Trådfri on/off switch device handler?

(David McNally) #1

Has anyone had luck creating a DH for the Ikea Trådfri on/off device? It comes with the Ikea Trådfri Outlet and connects to Smartthings but I haven’t been able to find a DH which actually works.


The IKEA handheld buttons and remotes are not fully compatible with smartthings at this time. The best you can do is to pair them as a “thing” to smartthings and then pair them to your bulbs or pocket sockets which are also paired to smartthings and then you should be able to use it as a parallel means of control for the other IKEA devices. But it uses the zigbee group casting commands which just don’t work well with smartthings at the present time.

(David McNally) #3

That explains a lot! What would I gain by pairing the button with ST as a Thing? I wouldn’t be able to control anything anyways, would I?


You would then be able to control IKEA pocketsockets with the button that you were also controlling in other ways with SmartThings.

Say you have the IKEA pocketsocket with a nightstand table lamp plugged into it. The pocketsocket has been added to your smartthings hub.

You could then use smartthings to turn it on when a motion sensor detects motion. You could use smartthings to have Alexa turn it on or off by voice. You could use smartthings to turn it on every night at 11 PM if you are away from home to make it look like someone is at home.

But now you also want to set up the button to work with it. If you try to just add the pocketsocket to the button, it either won’t add or the button will steal it away from smartthings.

So instead you first add the pocketsocket to your smartthings hub. Then add the button to SmartThings. will just add as a “thing” and you won’t be able to do anything else with it through smartthings.

But now because the hub and the pocketsocket and the button are all on the same network, you can add the pocketsocket to the button using the regular IKEA instructions without stealing it away from smartthings. So you can keep all of the smartthings automations you already had for the pocketsocket, and continue to set up new automations for the pocketsocket, But now you can also use the button to turn the pocketsocket on and off.

That is what is meant by “a parallel means of control.“

(Micke Gustafsson) #5

How do I make that happen in classic?


That step is done using the regular IKEA instructions.