IKEA Trådfri

Unnecessary. The remote is linked to the bulb(s) for control, not to SmartThings cloud. If you want to change the name to make it easier to tell from other “Unknown” devices you may add, then that will not harm anything.

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The Tradfri remotes and motion sensors aren’t going to work on SmartThings as programmable devices, because they pair directly with the bulbs.

You add the bulb through normal procedures. You then reset the Dimmer or sensor, hold down the pairing button while it is close to the ST hub and add it via ST.

At this point it is just a standard ZigBee device. You then pair it with the bulb(s) like you would have if you were adding them to the Tradfri hub. The motion sensor is extremely basic, as is the remote. They had no settings you could change in the app (in fact to change the time on the motion sensor is a switch directly on the back of the sensor itself).

I recommend adding the Tradfri color bulbs to a Hue bridge personally. You get far finer control over the color spectrum with it, in comparison to ST. Just keep in mind, that these bulbs don’t produce anywhere near the color spectrum of Hue color bulbs.

I have a performance related query regarding this DTH.

I used to use this DTH for all my TRÅDFRI lights upon installation, but have since decided to try and up my hubs performance by changing the DTHs to the standard ZLL White spectrum light DTH as this would allow my routines to run locally, whereas if I understand it correctly, when using this custom DTH, all my routines run in the cloud?

Seing as the ST Cloud has had some blackouts lately - can anyone confirm or deny that their hubs and lights stopped working at these blackouts, or even when their own internet connection was broken?

For me, everything seems to be working fine all the time (blackout or not), but the standard ZLL DTH is not near as user friendly for changing color temperature and the soft dimming feature of the TRÅDFRI DTH is quite nice.

Has anyone found a way to make the 5 button Ikea remote report the bulb status back to ST?

If my lights are off and I turn them on with the Ikea remote they still show as off in ST. Is there anyway to fix this yet?


It is not possible due to the firmware limitations of the remote itself.

I do find it strange that they are not properly reporting in ST though. I have a couple of color bulbs, and a Tradfri remote paired to Hue bridge, and when I turn on the lights with the remote, they properly update in the Hue app. Same with Homeassistant. I suspect something in the DH code is being finicky.

Hi all,
Got myself a single 1000lm e27 bulb yesterday from Ikea.

Managed to pair it, change the device to a Zigbee Dimmer and it appeared to be working no problem.

However, I noticed after a short while that the light when on would often flicker as though there was a bad connection (there isnt, ive checked it in another lamp holder), but no pattern to it.

I also noticed when it was switched off (via ST) that it would sometimes flicker slightly on.

Now, I have a self written smart app which controls the light via a PIR sensor. This smartapp works fine with Wemo and Hive bulbs, but I have a feeling when I poll the status of the bulb, or tell it to turn on when the light is already on that it causes the light to flicker, or dim and rebrighten.

Anybody else come across this problem? I have the light switched on at the moment without smartapp control and it seems to be fine.

I’m not sure on that one. I’d say that was a faulty bulb up until the last line of your post. i have 4 tradfri bulbs in use at the moment and none of them have any noticeable flicker, and certainly don’t flicker on when they’re supposed to be off.

Try changing the DH to the stock “ZLL Dimmer Bulb”.
This is what i use with my 1000lm’s, and i have had no problems at all…

Also check your firmware - i know Ikea fixed some flickering problems in the early versions.
I think i got the latest firmware - my version is: 0x12214572
(you can find your firmware version by clicking the device under “My Devices” in IDE) :slight_smile:

Firmware Current Version: 0x12214572
application: 11
endpointId: 01
manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden
model: TRADFRI bulb E27 W opal 1000lm

Ta for the hint about DH, however I did that this morning and its still doing it. It’s odd. Im more or less convinced its a hardware fault rather than a ST fault. I cant see anything in the live logging to do with the light when these instances happen (as though its an on/off event).

Ive now got it setup with no automation via my smartapp and just leaving it on now to see if that helps. If not, then one last chance, a reset of the bulb and re-pair it to see if that helps. I doubt it but you never know.

What I might do, I know a lad at work who has the Ikea hub/dimmer stuff so I might throw the bulb his way to see if he can pair it up with his kit and see if he can replicate the issue.

Good idea…
ProTip: (I’ve read it somewhere here) :grin:
Dim the bulb to 5% or so, before trying to reset. That way it is much easier to spot, when the bulb lights up, once reset it complete… :wink:

ok, now im back to thinking its my smartapp thats causing the problem, but I have no idea why. There is nothing odd or special about the app. It maybe a touch inefficient but it works on the other 2 type of bulb (Wemo/Hive)

Bulb has now been on for 3hours without my automation app…not flickered once

So, used sharp tools to create an ‘on’ widget on my phone. With the light already switched on, send a bunch of on signals to the bulb… not flickered once after sending a whole bunch!

I then just went nuts and turned the light on/off using the ST app in very quick succession. The light behaved differently compared to the flickering I was experiencing. It appeared to be turning on and off as expected, but just dimming off and then ‘dimming’ back on if that makes sense.

So… WTF is going on…I think its time to clone the smartapp, get it flickering again to confirm ‘fault’, and hack it to bits… I will report back with my findings!

Spent two days trying to integrate Ikea bulb and Phillips Hue bulb

  1. Phillips Hue paired straight away and all my devices can interact with them.
  2. Ikea buulb (E27 950 lm - dimmable) did not pair or function because of two factors:

a. The lamp I was using (I managed to pair the Phillips using this lamp but the ikead would not pair in the lamp)
b. The android version I was using. My Levono tablet Version 6.01 can see the pairing requests and can communicate with the bulb ok but my samsung phones (a4 & a7 running android 7.0) can’t either see the pairing request from Ikea bulb nor can it communicate with the bulb.

Whats the best option for connecting trådfri to ST in terms of stability? Pair to Hue hub and use through Hue integration, or pair directly to ST hub?


@andlek Directly

Trådfri directly to ST is very stable…
As a bonus, you get a very stable zigbee mesh for the rest of your ST devices… :slight_smile:


Cheers. Will try!

Just a quick update on my situation… I think I have a faulty bulb

Reset the bulb and repaired… same
REset the bulb and left it… same

I managed to get a video of it happening:

Oh well, it can stay on the side until next time I go to get it swapped/refund

The price is reasonable and I do not need to buy one more hub!

In case anyone is wondering I was not able to pair the Tradfri 10W LED driver pack directly to my ST hub after repeated attempts.

Paired quickly and works well with my Hue hub however, which is good enough for me.