IKEA Trådfri LED Driver?

I have serveral IKEA Trådfri things connected without any problems but I have tried to connect two 10w led drivers but can’t get it to connect.

I have a Trådfri dimmer as well and I can easily connect that to the drivers and to the hub as well.

I have had the driver on top of the hub all the time, tried resetting it, try to power toggle etc but can’t get ST to find it.

Any ideas? Could I need a FW update on the driver or something? One is from April and the other one I bought last week.



I installed two Tradfri Drivers on my SmartThings 2018 hub. How?

I plugged an LED light into the driver, then powered on. Remember to put the Power Ikea driver top of the Hub.

  • Start Smartthings device searching and choose Dimmer and choose GE Zigbee or Leviton ZigBee and let it search.
  • The light will turn on initially. There is a little reset button hole on the driver that will get it ready for pairing. Find a small pin, insert hole and hold down that button for 8-10 seconds.
  • Wait about 20 seconds
  • Power the driver off and wait for 10 seconds and power back on.
  • After powered on, Smartthings find a thing.

Repeat all the steps if it doesn’t work. Make sure the light turns back on at the beginning of the process by powering off and on. With my second driver i had to too it about 8 times :smiley:

Once you’ve renamed the device, go to the IDE and change edit the device type to “Zigbee Dimmer.”

You’re ready to connect all your LED’s to the driver, dim and enjoy. The Dimmer is working perfectly

I can confirm that 10w and 30w both worked.

One thing what is important is also that if you cannot find Thing go about 20m away from the place you tried to connect. Some frequencies are also distracting the driver to connect


I gave up trying to get it to pair with ST. Instead it paired immediately to Hue and works flawlessly!