Ikea Tradfri 400lm E14 (LED1649C5) won't pair

I’ve managed to connect the Ikea Sockets fairly easily and the E27 Colour bulb by using the custom handler but I cannot get the E14 candle bulbs working at all. These are the cheap ones that they do for £7. The ST Hub can’t even seem to see them. I’ve tried to reset them by switching them off 6 times but nothing.

I’ve tried 2 separate bulbs but cannot get anywhere with them. Has anyone had any success with these bulbs?

Hi, I bought 2 of these candle bulbs about 3 months back and they are working ok. I think I remember at least one of them being a pain to pair. I have about 15 various tradfri bulbs and I will admit, a couple took about 20mins to pair! I get to the point where I am about to return them to ikea, and they then connect lol.

May be try pairing them closer to the ST hub.

I’ve tried right next to the hub but get nothing. These bulbs were out of stock for months only coming back in just before Christmas. I did wonder whether Ikea had updated them in some way, either hardware or firmware and this had stopped them working with ST.

You know what, I think I bought mine a couple of weeks before Xmas too, as they were always out of stock in Croydon (UK), so should be the same batch if your in the UK…Just keep trying, it will pair. If not, may be say there faulty and swap them for a new set.

Finally got these working last night! Had the lamp about 2cm away from the hub and have mastered the 6 switch reset!

Thanks guys, I also struggled for an hour or two. I’ve connected the socket right away, but struggled a bit with the bulb. I think the trick is to do the reset thing (6 time off and on) fast. You turn it off then on in half a second or something (maybe faster), it takes a bit of time for it to light up, then you should turn it off right after you see it lit. I also did the procedure next to the hub. Literally putting the bulb on top of the hub. I hope i’ve manged to save that struggle for somebody else.

These bulbs are without doubt the most challenging to pair from my experience, however I stumbled on this https://www.reddit.com/r/tradfri/comments/a3z7sr/pairing_tradfri_bulbs_and_echo_plus_without/ and this held the key for me. Basically, making the off cycle longer than the on cycle seemed to give me repeatable pairing success.
They also seem to need to be sitting right on top of the hub, right over the zigbee antenna.
Hope this helps.