Anyone got Ikea TRÅDFRI smart lighting working with ST?

Using this DH:

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To be honest, I paired to ST (I only have an ST hub)
Using the DTH it has been solid

I tried it to see if I could do the kitchen
It has been fine so far… even after the hub updates

I wonder if that is the case for the current bulbs and the newer ones coming out will already be updated. Was reading on different forums and it seems there may be newer versions of the bulbs coming out in Oct. Would be nice if you could just update them via their app.

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Apparently not quite yet - per update at end of

Sounds like there was some confusion with their press releases…

Hi All -

I was suggested to post my question in this thread - hence, here we go:

Any help to my IKEA lighting <-> ST device integration more than welcome!

hey guys. this is my first post and I am hoping someone can offer some help. I have been trying to add the DH for the ikea bulbs and receive the following error…what am I doing wrong?

Org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: script_dth_metadata_0e5e2145_9f34_47fa_8855_69389351b195: 35: expecting ‘}’, found ‘,’ @ line 35, column 29. 34 attribute “colorName”, “string” ^ 1 error

Any help you can give would be great. I have literally just plugged the hub in and have not done anything else in prep, however when trying to locate the GITHUB settings I cannot see anything. All I have tried to do is add the DH. I have found the correct shard and can see my hub.

Thanks in advance

Hi Vesa,

FWIW, I just installed one 1000lm and one 980lm color tonight and it all worked well with the IKEA Trådfri DH.

The 980lm paired easily but I had to go to the > My Devices and change Type to IKEA-Tradfri and then it worked flawlessly to change color, temp and dim.

The 1000lm without color didn’t want to pair and had to do a couple of 6 on/off (or if it was more don’t know) but it paired eventually and I controll it well with device type ZLL Dimmer hub handler. My second 1000lm bulb was dead on arrival and didn’t work at all in any lamp.

So all In all I’m impressed and it works well for me.

Please ignore this. I am not quite sure what I have done now, but the system now has full GIT and speaks TRADFRI and TP-Link language.

What a fantastic site. Thanks everyone


Just want to say thanks for this post. I was able to connect an Ikea Tradfri E26 1000 bulb to my ST hub on the second try. It was easy to do after reading through the posts.

I had trouble finding a concice guide that went from beginning to end of pairing the Trådfri lamps so summarized what I learned getting mine paired here:


Does the wireless remote that you can buy connect direct to the bulbs you want without the Ikea hub?

Also if connecting they bulbs direct to ST would the remote work?


I tried the suggested information from

I have the E26 and it worked, the bulb has to be close to the Smartthings Hub. It takes a few tries, but it works.

I bought one 1000lm bulb today and I managed to pair it as described on the link, but the light is not doing anything.
I tried Zigbee Bulb/ ZLL bulb/ Ikea tradfri DTH but no success.
I can’t see anything in the log if I try to do some action (on/off/dim)

Any ideas?

Nevermind, I deleted the light and reconnected again and problem was solved

Great, sometimes that does the trick. Mine has been working well for a while now. Turns on at sunset and off at midnight.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I recently purchased a tradfri ikea bulb(no hub, bulb only) and was able to successfully add to SmartThings to control on/off, but dimming isn’t working via SmartThings or GH. Anyone have the same issue? Tradfri E12 bulb for reference if that makes a difference.


No problem…
Which DH are you using with the bulb…?
I’m using the built-in “ZLL Dimmer Bulb” - works great…

I added the bulb via DH I found on another post here - edvaldeysteinsson : IKEA-Tradfri

And as I said, it only allows on/off control.
Will look into your suggestion. Thanks

ikea bulbs don’t need custom DH anymore. Best to use standard IMO.