Ikea Styrbar Remote

It doesn’t work with the two-button one right?

Not this driver, but I have another one that does

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Thanks for the edge driver @lmullineux, i love it :slight_smile: I wanted a more than four function remote to control Sonos in my living room, and this works perfectly. I understand Ikea limits it from being 8 funtion but this gives me; play, pause, skip, previous, volume up (to 50%) and volume down (15%)…brilliant! Thanks again!

Im using this for like half a year now, and still works great, never had to replace the battery!

Big thanks!

Thank you very much for your driver!

Just coming by to say thank you. Had a Sonoff button to control 3 gates, which was annoying with the long and double press. And the one in the garage seemed to lose connection every few days.

Went to Ikea today and thought, for 10 Euro’s I’ll never be screwed much.

Now I can control the 2 garage doors and the gate’s full or partial opening with just 1 remote.

Going to get some more of them :grin: