Ikea Styrbar Remote

@Mariano_Colmenarejo has implemented similar to this in his driver for bulbs. Increment can be adjust between ±30%. I made routine for Ikea Trådfri button to increase or decrease brigtness with every push. It is not seamless but it is the best option I know at the moment.:thinking:

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Also can the bulbs be paired with smartthings and remote at the same time? I cannot get it to work

yes - i havent tried while remote is running my driver by the way (only when running stock driver for other ikea remotes)

I have also had some ikea bulbs that just refuse to pair with a remote - still havent figured out why

I can’t pair i direct with bulbs…

when it is pairing the light will strobe - does that happen?

The remote has to be paired to smartthings and so does the bulb before this will work.

Yes it’s all paired with smartthings
The bulb won’t blink I’ve tried few different ones

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Use Mariano’s driver for Zigbee lights. You can dimm them then

Hi, Thanks looking for this for a while now , was previously using a DH.

I have installed the driver , what next? How to use the Remote with this new driver.

I think you would delete your existing device, and re-pair it.

During the re-pair it should automatically select the driver you have installed using the fingerprint included in the driver for the Styrbar remote.

You can check this by opening the device and clicking the 3 dots and then driver and checking it is the one you have just installed

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Thank you for your super fast response , if I delete the DH , what will happen to the remotes which are already paired , do I need to repair?

I don’t think you need to delete the DH, just the device and then repair

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On my white 4 button styrbar 604.883.66:
button1 maps to the top brighten button
button2 maps to the bottom dim button
button3 maps to the left button
button4 maps to the right button

Can you update the display names?

Also it seems to add a Main button that does not exist on the device.
At a guess is this maybe coming from the ikea-styrbar-remote.yml file line 23?

Hi Bucket

The main button is an intentional feature that is inherited from the driver this was based upon, it will go to push or held when the same action is performed on any of the other buttons. You should be able to see that in the history of your button presses.

Next time I update the driver I’ll change the labels to ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘left’, ‘right’.


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Thank you , my view was the same. Will look forward for the updated driver.

Also I am seeing the battery level display is 0 , any way we can get this information in ST properly.

Battery does work for me ( at least it seems to, but it’s reporting 100% so I can’t be sure). It did take a while for it to start reporting it though ( I think this is quite common for smartthings) so I would suggest you leave it a few more days first to see if it starts reporting.

Thank you for your work in developing this driver, the bright side of this remote is it use AA and also cheaper. I now have almost 8 remotes two per room to control various tasks.

Works Great , it looks like the driver overrides the Installed DH. I could see that the click detection is almost instant with this driver. Previously with DH it was taking between .5 to 1 second.

Could you please help me the battery percentage it indicated as 0 percentage. Not sure why??

I think you just have to be patient, the code is there in the driver to process the battery message when the device sends one ( I don’t think there is a way to force this, I think it happens automatically when the value in the device changes)

So hopefully it will come, I think it was 3-4 days before battery % showed on mine.

Hopefully it will start working soon for you

Thank you so much for publishing this driver - I got the 4 button Styrbar remote running with a device handler originally - I deleted everything, added your edge driver and re-paired the button. Worked 1st time - just great. Now the 3 dots in the Styrbar menu is showing that it is supported locally and my ST v2 hub lists your driver as installed.
(and my battery is showing 100%, but they are brand new batteries!)

I believe that this move towards these local “Edge” drivers is real game changer for the Smartthings community. Let’s hope more developers follow your lead. Thanks again

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I’m really impressed with edge so far, I believe we are only scratching at the surface of what people will do with it. It’s great.

Could it be possible to add double press cpability to Ikea remotes? It’d give yet another dimension to these devices.