Ikea dimmer ( new )

Hi All
I am so great full for your engagement.
When you made me aware about the red “flashes” ( I totally forgot about that ) I tried to play ABBA with the single button. Did not sound good, but after a while the device light up as a Christmas tree. Pairing went as smooth as ever.

I did notice that one of the devices behaved a bit different from the others, the Christmas tree.
Once again, thanks.

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5 quick press on the button next to the battery.

I am happy that you have managed to pair them. I’ve made the pictures this morning just to show how it should light up.

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Thanks, hopefully it will help others also.

Great, Helped me alot.

My question is if it’s still posibble to run automations on Ikea bulbs after I’ve paired them directly with Ikea buttons?

It depends how did you do it?

The bulb should be accessible from ST.

Steps to keep the bulb in ST is:

  1. Pair the bulb to the Hub by turning on and off 6? times. (Sorry, I cannot remember correctly the number.)
  2. Pair the remote to ST by pressing 4 or 5 times on the button under the back cover.
  3. Pair the remote directly to a bulb by TouchLink. Hold the remote close to the bulb and hold the button on the back for 10+ seconds until the bulb starts to breath and flashes once or twice, the thee remote paired to the bulb as well.

The square remote from that point will not report pressed/hold to ST, but battery reporting will continue. The square remote will control the bulb as on/off (press) and brighten/dim (hold). The bulb still can be controlled from ST.

If you do have the round 5 button remote, that will still report button press and hold to ST, if it has the old firmware. Unfortunately that is not working anymore with the newer firmware. (The left and right will not control the color of the bulb generally. )


You are awesome! I have been looking for a solution for some smart bedside lamps. My requirements:

  • Allow for complete local control, including full dimming and on/off
  • Provide integration with Smartthings for Bulb control - full dimming and on/off.
  • Both must be operable at the same time and local status must be reported to smartthings, even if local button used.

I found this thread after someone claimed they made it work the way I wanted but I was skeptical. But this is the only product that has claimed to be able to meet the requirements so I jumped in ordered two Tradfri dimmer kits from Ikea (704.600.36 - warm white bulb and two button remote).

Upon receipt and initial setup, I was almost let down…

  1. installed and paired the bulb, check. then paired the remote to the bulb. fail- bulb disconnected from smartthings - booo
  2. paired the bulb, check, then paired the button with smartthings, check (tested button with assigned functions but it didn’t support step dimming on button hold, only fixed dim setting) - then paired remote back to bulb… fail again… bulb disconnected from smartthings.
  3. Started over and followed your instructions above exactly! Success! The bulb is controllable via the remote and smartthings at the same time for full on/off and dimming. Because the remote is paired to the bulb, it does have step dimming functions. The button/remote device is still showing in smartthings but I don’t have the buttons configured to do anything - don’t really care as I don’t need the remote in smartthings. I’ll monitor and see if the battery status actually does report over time but for now I’m a happy camper and I’m not touching anything else.

Thank you!

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I am really happy that it works for you. It should report the battery, but you need to know that it is not accurate.

The IKEA On/Off switches have QA/QC issues from manufacturing. Some depletes really quickly without reporting the correct battery levels. Or just generally depletes without reporting the correct one…

When the battery starts to deplete, I believe the red LED starts to flash time to time when pressing the buttons.

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Well, I’ve discovered some weirdness. I purchased two of these kits for two side table lamps in the same room. For some reason, while I believe the button/remote should only pair with the single bulb that I linked it to, unfortunately it seems that both buttons control both bulbs. I’ll need two more kits for a 3rd and 4th location also.

Do you know offhand if there is a way to make the buttons individually addressable? If this is the normal function then I’ll have to junk them and keep searching for a solution.

It’s not going to work. Search for my Ecosmart remote/bulb post from year ago. It might work for an hour and then those remotes became part of some z-wave group, and start controlling all of those light bulbs. It is probably same for IKEA. There is issue with how SmartThings works with z-wave groups. You can still add bulbs and remotes to SmartThings and link them with SmartLight app, and they will work locally.

Well dang… I read through that thread and even tried to hack together a lighting group to no avail. So at least with this particular pair of bulbs and button dimmers, I think I can make the linked remotes work.

I have two other use-cases and I’m going to order the rotary style Ikea dimmer button which is supposed to show up in smartthings as a dimmer and if so then I think I will be able to add it to Smartthings and just have it control the bulbs from smartthings without the need to ZLL direct pair to the bulb… we shall see I suppose.

Ok, first of all we are talking about Zigbee devices and not Z-wave ones.

They will not work locally as the DH for the Remotes is not a local DH, it runs in the cloud.

@ThomasTrain, to avoid linking to the other bulb, what I guess, they must be close to each other, do the pairing again. I mean reset the remote with the multiple press of the button on the back. Add it to ST, confirm that it is paired to ST by checking the device’s history for button presses. Then turn off the bulb which you do not want the remote to pair to. I mean turn off the power physically. Then do the pairing to the bulb by holding the button on the back for 10+ seconds and keeping the remote really close to the bulb you want to pair it to. The bulb will flash when paired.
Turn on the bulb now and check that the remote was paired only one bulb. If yes, then do the steps with the other remote as well.

PS.: the Ecosmart remotes had a hardcoded groupID as I can recall it.

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Zwave? Or Zigbee? The IKEA devices are all Zigbee.

@JDRoberts I mistyped z-wave instead of zigbee. I thought that if DTH is ST stock, that is local.

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If it’s a stock DTH for a zigbee or Z wave device, then it will typically be downloaded with the hub firmware and it is eligible to run locally. However, the automation/smartapp using it still has to meet other requirements for running locally. However, as Jimmy notes below there are still a few exceptions to this.

The usual issue for this type of device, though, these handheld remote, is that they are designed to operate as controllers (typically ZLL) for Zigbee bulbs without having a hub involved. So sometimes they don’t operate the way you want them to when you add them to your network which does have a hub, like smartthings. They may either steal the bulbs from the hub, communicate to nearby bulbs of the same brand as a group rather than as individuals, or drop off the network.

Whether there are any workarounds for that situation depends on the specific model numbers, and sometimes the specific firmware of the device.

Not all stock/standard DTH run locally.


I have realized that after checking in IDE

So i ended up picking up a few Ecosmart kit (bulb and remote) on clearance and I don’t like the remote as much as the Ikea. That said, as you confirmed, both the Ecosmart and the Ikea remotes appear to suffer from the same issues. EDIT These remotes really suck, especially button 3 as others have already mentioned - I ended up returning them.

One thing of note that I haven’t tried yet is adding the remotes to a different hub to isolate the remote network from the bulb network (e.g.: my Eero Pro 6 has a Zigbee hub that I don’t use). I’ll try that today and see if the remotes join that network and if so, will see if they still have the same issues.

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I played around a bit and it seems that when the button is paired directly to the bulb it creates a binding to a default group. So when you bind other remotes to other bulbs it will bind to the same group.

I will tag @BroderickCarlin and @tpmanley to ask when Zigbee groups are going to be supported if it is planned at all.

Any solution with the new Ikea dimmer?

There is a Edge driver for Styrbar remote.

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