Ikea open/close button losing connection


I have the Ikea open/close button, which I received with the fyrtur blinds. I’m not using it for the blinds, but wanted to use it for other purposes in smartthings.


I’ve successfully paired it using official Ikea integration, and it works great, for about a day.
And then seems to lose connection. The IDE still reports it as ONLINE, but it basically doesn’t do anything.

It’s zigbee route to the hub is via an Innr bulb, and I haven’t yet tested whether that’s the problem.

Does anyone have similar experiences, or tips, as to what might be causing this?


Same here, IKEA button is not working. Check IDE, device type is changed from “Ikea button” to “zigbee switch”
Change it back, and it might work day or two, until StrangeThings f*ck it again…