IKEA Motion Sensor Not Pairing

I successfully paired an IKEA motion sensor last week but the ST hub never detected motion and the sensor eventually went offline.
I’ve removed it and tried a reset and re-pair. I followed the app but when I press the button on the sensor it does not light up, has this happened to anyone else?

Press the button 4 times… That’s what you need for pairing.

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Thank you, yes that’s what I’ve done. When I did it last week I got the green light but the light no longer shows and the unit never pairs :slightly_frowning_face:

What green light are you talking about? All the IKEA devices/sensors what I know has red LEDs.

And pairing is the following. Add device in the app, IKEA/Motion sensor… when starts to search for it you press 4 times the button on back of the motion sensor, then on the front the red LED starts to flash in a breathing pattern, until it flashes once when connected. Then the app will show in a minute or two that the device is paired.

If when pressing 4 times the button will not start the LED on the front, or the other other two button on the back are not changing the position of the settings, then you have a depleted battery.
Knowing that there is an ongoing issue with IKEA devices depleting quickly (1-2 days max), then I would think that the motion sensor is hitting that bug as well.


Thank you , that sounds like exactly what it happening.
It may well be a red light I was looking for and not green, but could not remember :grinning:. Thank you for your help.

If the left and right button on the back is not changing the light next to the icons then the battery is depleted. It needs 2 coin cells. If you do change them, check the voltage with a multimeter.
You might be lucky and only the battery inside was an old one and with a pair of fresh batteries it will start to work (not only for a day). IKEA sells the battteries is 8 or 10 packs.

If you change the batteries and it dies again quickly, then please report back, that it has depleted again and for how long it was running. Thanks!

Just to let you all know. I pressed the button 4 times and left the unit and my app near the hub. When I came back a few minutes later it had paired!
I just needed to be more patient.
It would have been better if it told me it was actually doing something though.
Thank you for your help