Ikea Fyrtur Shades

For over a year now, it seems like every time Smartthings performs an update, I must remove the battery for 15 minutes, then place it back to get the shades to communicate properly again. I have a direct communication with my smartthings hub (no intermediary hub, no need to use the one that it came with for the ikea smarthome platform) It is only 15 feet away line of site. I have 3 in a row and without fail, at least ONE, sometimes two of them will not automate after an update. I just purchased another and sure enough, it exhibits the same behavior. Im using the Smartthings Zigbee WIndow Treatment driver, version 2023-10-10T… No buttons, no switches, just want em to automate around sunset/sunrise. Its really frustrating.

I have Ikea Praktlysing (the later cellular blinds; possibly with updated firmware) and have not seen anything similar.