Ikea Fyrtur Shades are Reversed

I just picked up a Fyrtur roller shade and successfully paired it to ST using the ZigBee Window Shade device handler. I can technically control the shade but the open and closed settings are reversed. Close opens the shade completely and open closes them beyond the bottom of my window. Does anyone know how to calibrate these?

I hope it helps!

I’ll give it a try! I saw that DH in the list but the word battery made me skip it. Now it makes sense, haha. I did find the closed position calibration in the leaflet Ikea included so that’s all set. Thanks!

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I couldn’t get this working and gave in. I connected it to Ikea’s gateway. Any device handler other than the original one I tried just produced network errors when trying to send commands to the shade. I didn’t want another hub but it works flawlessly and was only $36.