Smartthings V3 Hub doesn't detect Ikea Fyrtur blind

I have ST V3 hub, I got 2 Ikea Fyrtur lbinds recently and trying to connect them. I have tried pressed both connect buttons more than 5 seconds to do factory reset. In the event list of my hub on, I see this event

zbjoin: {“dni”:“01DB”,“d”:“680AE2FFFEF929D0”,“capabilities”:“00”,“endpoints”:,“parent”:“0000”,“joinType”:17,“joinDurationMs”:0,“joinAttempts”:1}

But the hub simply won’t recognize it. I tried but using Ikea’s window treatment and a generic device scanner. One thing I noticed is that when I attempted to add the device manually, in the dropdown of supported devices, I see 2 options for “Ikea Button” and “Ikea Sensor” but I don’t see the Fyrtur listed anywhere.

Any suggestion on how I can pair Fyrtur to my ST hub? thanks

I live in the US

what region are you in? i wonder if it is a region lock issue where it is not available through the app in all locations.

I live in the US