IKEA Floalt pairing Smarttthings Hub

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone gotten the large 60x60 FLOALT LED panel working with a smart things hub?

I see on this forum several suggestions pressing the on/off button with the remote 7 or more times to go into discovery mode however I am unable to get this to work… including a hard plug/unplug and link pairing using the remote

Would anyone have any other suggestions?

Many Thanks in advance!

Have you put smartthings in discovery mode? I assume so…

HI Sergio,

Thanks for the suggestion… Yes i have…

Event logs on the webportal show “include search” from zwStatus… Does anyone know what Zigbee shows when in discovery mode… im guessing zw is zwave.


OK solved the issue…

You need to power off/on 6 times from the electric switch (not the hockey puck) to get it to show in the smartthings discovery :slight_smile:

The more you know!

Have you tried pairing the IKEA Remote with the smartthings hub? If yes, how did you do it?

Hey Julius, Unfortunately I haven’t gotten this to work yet however I am keeping a keen eye on IKEA Tradfri Button -- help needed

I found this solving the problem of using the IKEA Remote with the IKEA bulbs while the IKEA bulbs are also connected with the Smartthings Hub:

I still haven’t figured out how to use the IKEA remote with other Smartthings devices, since i can’t find a device handler for the IKEA remote.

Great find!! thank you… I didn’t know you could use the two at the same time… Will give it a try later when I get home :slight_smile: