Ikea Drivers port from zigbee2mqtt?

Hi, there does not seem to be much support on smart things for ikea devices. However there good support on zigbee2mqtt.

Is there a way i can port the driver over edge?

Many Thanks Damien

Most IKEA devices now use standard Zigbee 3.0 and add just fine to smartthings. They are very popular in the community.

The exception is the various batterypowered button devices. Those are definitely trickier. :thinking:

Which specific models were you interested in using with smartthings?

Anyway, to answer your question, smartthings does not provide MQTT integration as an official feature. Some people are using it, but you have to set up a separate server device to act as a broker, and it can get pretty complicated. But doable. See the following topic:

Integration Solutions using MQTT

TRADFRI motion sensor

STARKVIND air purifier

Vindstyrka air quality and humidity sensor

the last two are some of their latest devices but wont work with smart things

there is also support in Homeassistant